Mazda Makes World’s Lightest Bumpers

With the 2013 Mazda CX-5, Japanese automotive maker Mazda is publicizingnew materials as well as procedures thatturned the sports utility bumpers not only notablylighter, but the lightest in the world.

Mazda is sincerely working with Japan Polypropylene Corporation to make its bumper dream come true.

The reports said that Mazda has formulated a novel plastic resin, which is both slighter as well as more fragile as compared to its forerunner and when merging the front and rear bumper could result in weight savings of approximately 20 per cent.

Mazda Makes World Lightest Bumpers

The new bumpers are also slenderer, and with their contractedmass, they do notneed to cool for long once they are formed. Moreover, Mazda stated that they have slashed the time by half to cast a bumper.

The company has cut down the down to 30 seconds as compared to one minute previously. The firm also stated that there is no loss in power and the novel bumpers are as stiff as the earlier bumpers.

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