Mercedes Benz GLA Spied Again: Interiors Similar to India Bound A Class

GLA Class was previewed at Shanghai Auto Show this year and it was meant to be one of the most promising cars in upcoming markets like India, Brazil and others. Though remained in the hype of media for last sometime, it now had started pouring out some of the sneak peek by means of spy shots. Learning more from it, we got to know that it is not the all new Mercedes Benz badge, but instead the same A Class is tweaked to make most of the terms for rolling down a ball in compact SUV/crossover range, which the Merc is missing for quite a long time.

The annoying factor with GLA is that, Germans are testing it in abroad only, for an extent in Middle East too, but not in India instead. Hopefully we may get a one on our local lenses soon, and the one that is recently caught in frenzy frills tells us about the interiors of same. Well, looking at them, we can utter only one thing, “copied from A Class”. It almost looks similar to that way itself. Only the wooden strip across the dash is separating it from the hatchback sibling, while more or less both of them are reclining among each other.

Now it seems our claims is tempting to be true for the A Class derivations on GLA, but cannot tell something unless and until it isn’t debuted on paddock of any other auto show soon. Meanwhile, the one which is slated nearby is ‘Frankfurt Motor Show’, and expectedly Germans may follow this trait if they are wishing to go exclusive with this product.

Mercedes Benz A Class interiors

2014 Mercedes-Benz GLA spy photos
Image Courtesy: WorldCarFan.

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