Mercedes Benz Introduces Mobile Optimized Online Site

Mercedes Benz recently became the first auto company in India to launch a website that is mobile optimized, continuing its tradition of launching new innovations to meet the demands of its increasing tech savvy consumers.

The new website that is optimized for mobile phones can be accessed readily from a multiple number of mobile devices that include Androids, smart phones as well as other phones that have internet browsing facility. The website is customized so that it can be viewed easily on a mobile phone. This website contains an outline of the corporate website of the brand that is designed so that it functions like a virtual version of a car showroom including information on details about regional service centres, picture galleries, technical data, product highlights and car prices.

The website is served through multiple layout devices to specifically ensure max quality output, whether WML, xHTML or HTML is used. The website is aimed towards improving functionality, usability and better graphics so that users can even log on to the company’s mobile website form their main website.

Mercedes Benz, General Manager of Strategic Planning and Corporate Communications, Manas Dewan, said that their mobile website will reflect their brands contemporary nature. Their website, optimized for the mobile ensures that enthusiasts and customers of their brand will be able to enjoy greater interactivity levels in comparison to other Indian auto manufacturers. With features like flash and video content, enhanced interface, easy navigation and fast browsing, their customers can enjoy an enhanced experience of browsing.

Apart from this, Mercedes Benz also upgraded their corporate website. With easier navigation, optimized interface, and features like downloads, bookmarks and full screen viewing, the experience of visitors has been enhanced significantly. Apart from being pioneers when it comes to building luxury autos, Mercedes Benz has now earned the distinction as leading the mobile website concept in India, which truly epitomizes their brand philosophy, ”The Best or Nothing”.

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