Mercedes Benz likely to launch SLC, the baby SLS, in 2014

It seems that Mercedes Benz is not completely satisfied with the success of its SLS cars. The German automaker is currently being reported to be developing a smaller version of the performance car.

Available reports suggest that the Daimler AG’s multinational division has named the baby SLS as SLC. As of now, the company is busy designing and developing the baby SLS, but the SLC is being speculated to hit the production facility sometime in 2014. However, it will be the AMG version that we’d be seeing in the baby SLS, but the development of the SLC is supposed to be done in the partnership between Mercedes Benz and its performance division.

Being a baby version of the SLS, the SLC too is supposed to have a baby price tag as compared to that of its elder sibling. Word is, the SLC would be put up with a price tag somewhere near the one for the Porsche 911.

Mercedes Benz likely to launch SLC the baby SLS in 2014
Description of the car has been revealed a bit. The SLC is supposed to be a front-engined two-door coupe. Speculations are still running in the market about the powerhouse of the baby SLS. Chances for inclusion of a 4.0L V8 gasoline engine along with a pair of turbochargers seem to be high to power the rear-wheel drive SLC. The car will eventually use seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox along with aluminum components. The components will certainly cut down the weight of the car to a greater extent. To be precise, the car will now weigh somewhere around 3700 lbs.

The baby SLS has been reported to have undergone tests in the SLS clothes quite a while back. But the mismatched panels make a straightaway point that the SLC is certainly something beyond just a baby SLS.

The German automaker must have kept a tight competition for the Porsche 911 in stock.

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