Mercedes Benz Vito Based Force MPV Spied Testing Again: Clear Spy Shots

To hell and back, we still hadn’t got the Mercedes Benz Vito based Force MPV. Already dead in many of the international markets, Merc seems to be taking a lot of benefits after Vito’s death in India.

Earlier, the spy shots too had appeared on the internet of same but those weren’t quite clear on the conversations part. These latest ones have a lot to say on the upcoming newbie.

The deep sneak peek into the images lent us, dashboard console is on the “left” side but steering wheel is pinched on the right side to suit our local driving conditions. In addition there we doesn’t seems a lot to speak about aesthetics due to the heavy camouflage wrapping, but still intentions of Force looks clear it now wanted to climb the ladder of luxury, may go to take on the Toyota Innova in its stride for the first stance.

Force MPV Spied Testing

In spite of being an old school Mercedes we have high hopes for it, because in today’s time there are many who are not able to get their hands on the Old Germans, so their translation into Indian context fits better for them in the buying, as well as maintenance cost. Chirping about maintenance we hope, Pune based carmaker may deploy the same Benz oriented 2.2L FMTECH diesel producing 140PS in most of it, whilst the lower specific 129PS of 2.2L in the BS3 variant is expected to go for Indian rurals very frugally.

Well, there is a lot of work meant to be done on this bug, as seems the Force had just imported it and is busy in testing to check whether it is going to do the functionality on Indian roads or not. However, there is also a lot of scope for it to do in the luxurious vans segment in our fraternity, because there aren’t any of the badges to conclude this horizon for next five years at least.

Force MPV Back View

Force MPV Spied Testing Again

Mercedes Benz Vito

Image Courtesy: IAB.

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