MG6 XPower Unveiled — Racecar-Inspired Hybrid Hatchback Is A Homage To MG’s Racing History

MG6 XPower Unveiled — Racecar-Inspired Hybrid Hatchback Is A Homage To MG’s Racing History

MG has taken the wraps off the MG6 XPower, the new car is the high-performance variant based on the 2nd generation MG6 sedan. With this new high-performance variant of the MG6 sedan, MG has brought back the ‘XPower’ badge after almost 16 years.

The XPower badge was incorporated by MG after acquiring Qvale, a small and independent Italian car manufacturer. So in a sense, the new MG6 XPower is half British and half Italian but sponsored by a rich Chinese businessman. The Italian genes are evident in the way the new MG6 XPower looks, nothing about the exterior is subtle.

For a start, the exterior comes in a rather eye-catching glossy dark green shade, then there is the exterior design itself with flared wheel arches, aggressive front bumpers with two thin rectangular slots above the grille to feed more air, a huge carbon fibre rear wing and an equally imposing diffuser.

The interior looks sharp and simple with clean lines and minimal clutter. The interior also shows two large displays, one for the instrumentation and the other one for the large touchscreen infotainment system. The MG6 XPower produces an impressive 305bhp and 405Nm using a combination of a highly-strung 1.5-litre turbocharged engine and a high power permanent magnet synchronous motor.

The whole power unit is mated to an advanced 10-Speed ED intelligent electric dive gearbox, enabling the MG6 XPower to transfer all its 305hp efficiently onto the tarmac for a sub-6 second sprint to 100km/h from a standstill.

The MG6 XPower seems thoroughly developed and tested. For a relatively new team in the company, the engineers seem to have done a tremendous job.

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