Need for new branding strategies in automobile sector in India

So, the world is really getting smaller and it seems that the gateway is in India. Name any popular brand and we are sure that either it is already there in India or it might be thinking to chase the Indian market now. Undoubtedly the Indian automobile sector is growing in scales. This has led to chaos in many big brands which are already present in the Indian market.  So, their need of the hour is to work upon their branding strategy so as to adapt to the changing scenario and the changing dynamics of Indian automobile market. Right from our very own Mahindra and Mahindra to the foreign car manufacturers like Renault, General Motors, Fiat and any other automobile manufacturers, each and every automobile company is developing a detailed plan in order to remain where they stand today and if possible be in a better position than that. This redefining of plan, identity and approach will help them to get hold of the situation better and obviously an increased share in the market.

Mahindra and Mahindra have recently emerged as a diversified business house. They produce almost everything in the automobile sector right from tractors to passenger cars. They recently claimed to have invested Rs 120 crore over the period of next three years as a measure of new branding strategy. “Rise” seems to be the new mantra for Mahindra. It seems that in the 65 years old book of Mahindra and Mahindra, a new chapter has been scripted. “Rise is not just a word, it is also a motivation which makes people to unify their feelings in order to testify the shared ideas, way of life, values and virtues of their life. It is a chance of grabbing opportunities where the others are not capable to see. So, it is to set an example”, according to Mr. Mahindra.

Another company that has been known to work for new branding strategies is Fiat Motors. This Italian company, though enjoying a rich status in the Indian automobile market has already started to work upon its new branding strategy. It has been a laggard in the automobile market yet seems to be working on a new image of the company. The company is ready to open its very own exclusive brand stores or “Image Point” all across India. These brand stores first will be seen in the major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai and Bangalore. In these brand stores the company will be displaying its wide range of cars and also various merchandises, accessories with a cup of authentic Italian coffee. The reason behind these Image Points is to make the consumer feel good about the brand and tell them what does this brand stands for. Besides, this company is also focusing on the Tata – Fiat joint venture.

Even General Motors are not far behind. Even they seem to working on the same thread. As for starters, they are planning a series of campaigns to mark the 100 years of its Chevrolet brand. They have also planned a number of activities around the same. The intention is to teach people what Chevy stands for, for making them aware that Chevy has its own status, and rich heritage. They also want the customer to have the same trust in Chevrolet what they have for General Motors. Besides the campaign, they are also working on the idea of bringing their internationally acclaimed electric car Chevrolet Volt in the Indian market.

This all might seems very easy and it might be actually easy for all the above mentioned brands but creating a new brand image is the toughest challenge  in front of Renault. After the dissolution of the joint venture Mahindra Renault Private Limited, it is really hard for Renault to bear any other failure. The only product from this partnership of an Indian company and a French manufacturer didn’t perform well than what was expected out of it. So currently the company is on a standstill, but still the company is gearing up for the solo venture in India. The key challenge in front of the company is still the brand image. However, it seems that the company is working aggressively and we hope that it will emerge out as a strong, aggressive and futuristic brand in Indian automobile market.

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