New Generation Jaguar XJ Expected to Boast Two Different Body Styles

After being taken over by Tata, Jaguar is showing cool amount of sales in the chart and to be very specific, China had given a boost to this automotive brand when it was in tremendous need of success stories.

Hence, the story of next generation Jaguar XJ still lies dwindling on a swerving note due to unusual demand from the Chinese audience, where now arises a worrying factor for this moniker at an immediate rebate.

On an extent, we are fed up of watching that same countering looks of Jaguar XJ and now its makers feels that time had arrived to yield the bigger pouncing cat with another attire to make the lucrative business out of it, where the actual strings becomes a prob in their legs can be named as, different tastes of Chinese owners, so as an outcome the organization may roll out two different body styles for catering the bespoken different markets.

Jaguar XJ

Getting deeper into fray, it is known, out of the duos one of them will be a  fastback design, similar to fleets which are now presently sold in the global markets, where the latter product tends to be three-box shaped design, as a famous taste of people in China who still love those same old charming trend very awfully. The initial structure, we all know would be more advanced and fluidic than the present generation and hence would attract more eyeballs on the shelf for its sumptuous appeal, whereas the latter make is going to be traditional metal resembling to that of the 2009 discontinued model.

We seem that, being a wealthiest person in China gives an opportunity to gain hold over the carmakers of world, and we must not forget the automotive brands are on a screeching spree of Chinese market because a lot of sales in niche segment is going glues in the same territory, so cashing down a whopping figure there is not an issue for any of the carmaker.

Lastly, the advanced XJ may lure buyers in almost every market of the globe but traditional one expected to fishes in specifically China, and on an extent USA and Europe as well, where the brand also stood frugal in sales terms.

Yet there is a lot of time for new XJ to hit showrooms, so designers at the drawing board have plenty of ticks to think about it, we expect that they may roll out the newbie by 2016.

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