New High Tech Number Plates to Track Auto Thieves

While car theft is becoming rampant, owners can now breathe more easily, with a new high tech plate that are built to trap and trace auto thieves. The plates designed by Motor Vehicle Authority have a micro chip embedded in them that can help to trace the car.

These plates are equipped with Radio Frequency Identification that gives details of the car from as far as 30 feet away. While you may think that this is novel idea, but these can easily be removed, the great thing about these plates is the fact the manufacturer has made them tamper proof.

It has laser numbering that contains alphanumeric ID of the car that can be solely decoded by investigation agencies when they need to. The sticker also provides the chassis and engine number that is tamper proof as well.

As the plates are fitted with GPS they are also traceable when stolen or lost. This system cannot be replaced or removed, and in case of tampering they will self destruct. The registration numbers have also been embossed using a chromium hologram that will make it legible for a distance as well, including in unlit areas like dark tunnels. This makes the car easier to track when it is stolen.

This new system will also help traffic cops get information about illegal business or auto theft. These high security and tamper proof number plates will definitely make it easier to trace and track auto thieves.

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