New Honda Civic breaks cover


Honda Siel Motors India Limited have been very quiet in the year 2010. There were no new launches expect for the mildly tweaked Honda Civic. However the good news is that come 2011, an all new Honda Civic would be launched in India apart from the small car from the Honda stables namely the Honda Brio. This would be alongside the new Honda CR-V that would also be coming our shores with a diesel engine and then the new Accord with the same diesel motor.

The point of contentment is the teaser sketch of the all new Honda Civic that Honda Siel Motors India Limited released recently on the website. This ninth generation Honda Civic would be shown to the public at the American International Motor Show in January. This car would sport the same 1.5 liter engine from the Honda City and giving it company would be the highly tweaked 1.8 liter engine which would give it better fuel economy while not compromising on performance. No hybrids or diesel on the anvil as of now for the Honda Civic.

Come the bad news, many have spied the prototypes of this car and all they have to say is that this car doesn’t look as half good as depicted in the sketches. Even the current radical model out shines the new one coming out. This might signify that Honda may be moving away from its path breaking radical designs and adopting a more subdued look. Overall, the shape of the interiors also have been tweaked a bit. The two tier dash also features a few changes but retains its shape. Suspension has been upgraded to give it a bit more firm underhand. The cult 3 spoke steering wheel has also been revised though we cannot comment on its outcome unless we have seen it or Honda reveals more about it.

This car would be unleashed by October 2011 in India much after the launch of the Honda Accord and Honda CR-V diesel power plants.

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