New Hyundai Elantra to make its way to India

It has been 16 years now that Hyundai has been rolling here in India and ever since the company entered the market, the demand of its cars has only increased manifold. Now Hyundai stands at a point where it has one of the bitterestrivalries with Maruti Suzuki as both are one of the leading heavyweights in the small car segment of Indian automobile market.Over the past few years the company has been planning to bring its premium sedans to India as the market here is increasingly getting more and more competitive. There is a lot that is in store of Indian automobile enthusiasts as has been said by the representatives of the company.

New Hyundai Elantra to make its way to India

The latest news is that Hyundai is apparently considering its prospects of launching the all new improvised Elantra in the market. The previous model of Elantra did not garner that much of response from the customers but now Hyundai wants to venture into the premium segment of sedans here in India. Apart from New Hyundai Sonata and Elantra, a few more sedans are on the verge of being rolled towards Indian roads in the coming months or years. Presently, Hyundai has a range of hatchbacks all of which are equally popular on the Indian roads and thus Hyundai directly locks horns with Maruti Suzuki which has been sitting on the throne ever since they released Omni in the market in the 80s. Elantra will be making its way to India along with Hyundai i40 both of which are premium cars of the company. Both of these cars have been designed keeping the fluidic concept in mind. The car maker from South Korea presently have Hyundai Verna Fluidic as one of the most appreciated and revered sedans in India and the response on the car has been interesting ever since it was launched here in India. The previous Verna bore a simple design and there were less praises for it.

New Elantra will also be having a fully fluidic design of the exoskeleton and now there is a lot that we are expecting from Hyundai since they have a whole range of premium cars lined up for Indian roads in the upcoming few months and years. There is a lot that Hyundai has put into Elantra and one of them is the fully integrated touch-screen system meant for infotainment consisting of Bluetooth and sat-nav. Adding to this, there are lot more features that Hyundai has to offer such as ventilated front seats, heated door mirrors, dual zone climate control, keyless entry, leather upholstery, cruise control, start/stop function, rear as well as front parking sensors, panoramic sunroof and automatic hill hold function. Hyundai has also ensured that the safety features of the car are up to the mark so that the driver as well as the passengers feels safe inside the car.Most probably the car will make its way in the Indian market by the end of this fiscal at a price range of 14-16 Lakhs.

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