New Maruti Alto K10 vs Datsun GO vs Hyundai Eon vs Chevrolet Spark: Specifications Comparison

New Maruti Alto K10 has spruced up fiery competition in the market with everyone eyeing that segment to captivate in a jiff. But since Maruti is the leader and catering most of its audience near to that pricing band for long back, the expertise of carmaker speaks a lot, and so can be seen on the new car that was launched with the option of AMT gearbox and CNG option both. Certainly, to an extent, one can name new Alto K10 as the cheapest automatic car available in India which gives it altogether a different selling point where the rival still far away.

Jolted down are further information, we accounted the information of comparison between Alto K10, Datsun GO, Hyundai Eon and Chevrolet Spark. All of these aforesaid model plates are blamed for the value-for-money buy. Read on to find more which can be the perfect choice if looking an option down the line with regards to tight budget.

New Maruti Alto K10 vs Datsun GO vs Hyundai Eon vs Chevrolet Spark: Specifications Comparison


Lifting up the bonnet of each and every one mentioned here says the same story except the Datsun GO which takes over the rest with 1198cc, three-cylinder engine producing 67bhp at the max and 104Nm of torque. Alto K10 drives a 998cc, three-cylinder unit worth of 67bhp and 90Nm. The company said they have tweaked the engine and reduced friction for better fuel-economy. The Hyundai Eon of 998cc energizes power output of 68bhp and 96Nm. Chevrolet is minutely smaller over the rest at 995cc, but possesses four-cylinder which generates 62bhp and 92Nm of torque.


On the sizing front, Datsun GO manages to point the mark at pole position, with a wheelbase of 2450mm. In comparison to Alto, it is longer by 90mm. Chevrolet Spark is adorned with the most cramped wheelbase at 2345mm. Hyundai Eon stands second in the list with 2380mm.

As reported, Alto K10 sits shorter on length and more on width in comparison to the earlier version. On this note, Maruti’s offering stretches on length far more than the rest at 3545mm, but Datsun GO maximizes rivalry with 3785mm. Spark falls a good 50mm shorter than Alto whereas Eon is a bit fair for just being 30mm shorter. Despite being extended on width till 1515mm, K10 felt nervous there too against the GO and Eon by 120mm and 35mm respectively. With 1475mm height of Alto K10, it is the most shrugged option available.


Datsun GO is an ultimate winner here if looked to the size and features offered. Nissan’s Japanese engineering is evident that this car ticks all the boxes right for values needed at the lowest possible price tag, along with the ergonomics of “hatchback drivability”. Alto K10 on the other hand is timely tried and tested. And now with the AMT gearbox and CNG option added to the list, it has became more lucrative with altogether a new selling point. Eon and Spark are the ones who cater the sidelines. On the pricing note, Alto is reported to have maintained an upper-hand always. Though all of them produce almost same number of power, so not many disappointments can be frayed to home if bought any of them, except the service facilities provided and some features.

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