New Rolls Royce Phantom to use BMW 7 Series platform, to arrive in 2016: Report

New Rolls Royce Phantom is going to be based on the BMW 7 Series platform, says a report in the industry.

Phantom is there in the industry for a decade and is enjoying a status of an ultra niche car exquisite which is meant to be the final word on luxury. Though, making it in line on the platform of 7 Series, the car is said to enjoy a lot of benefits of its younger sibling. Specifically, those are termed as deduction of 204 kgs from the existing model which in return would also give in added notch of mileage, and deployment of BMW’s latest infotainment and safety technologies.

In addition, Rolls Royce Ghost is also being based on that same BMW’s 7 Series platform, but the present model Phantom uses a unique one to create its distinct marquee in the market.

The ultimate advantage of getting Phantom dwelled into the 7 Series platform, it would become possible for the carmaker to engulf BMW’s xDrive all-wheel drive system, which possibly we are expecting it roll out after the new Phantom’s arrival in 2016. However, the convertible model is also there in the pipeline of Rolls Royce (which too is said to arrive by 2016) but the speculations aren’t very sure about the Phantom to drop its top in the four-door version or the two-door one.

New Rolls Royce Phantom
We hope some more of the words may come from the official bay of Rolls Royce soon, till then we had kept our eyes roving in the air to give you the best of industry.

Source: Automotive News

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