New Supercar of Audi Revealed More Technical Specifications

There was a lot of havoc in industry regarding the upcoming Audi R10, which is said to be bestowed with flagship title when launched. And these days, clouds are getting clear on the part of carmaker as we got our hands on some more of the roaring scores.

The upcoming new flagship will be completely a track-addict and would also be able to outdo McLaren P1, as said by the Audi Quattro boss Franciscus Van Meel. It is internally tagged as Scorpion but automaker will name it as R10 in production avatar.

Meanwhile, all would be interesting to see what auto fraternity may derive to it when found scorching on the tarmacs!

Lest of the clutter, it is learnt that 3.7 liter V6 turbodiesel to be headed in its engine bay for a so called 700 hp figure which was looking impossible in the previous consideration of 3.0 TDI from Volkswagen Touareg or Porsche Cayenne.

Audi diesel electric supercar
To an addition, the R10 will too borrow hybrid technology from that of R18 e-tron, and lately, a lot of cues are also slated to be shared when process would reach some notches further.

At present, two options of platform are speculated, that is carbon fiber and MSB. The first one is very lucrative for achieving top whacks and such specs but if a decision is taken to remain in low costing then it has to be shifted in favour of MSB which will soon pin the forthcoming Audi R8 and various other high end products of VW group.

To be a more specific, head of Audi technical development Mr. Wolfgang Durheimer said, “ What always sells is performance – if its quick, has low consumption and looks cool, I’m sure it would be a success.” This shows that Germans are more optimistic about their new experiment that will take the world by storm when being rolled out.

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