New Toyota Corolla Altis in India, a facelift therapy

Almost everybody is aware about the partnership venture between Toyota of Japan and Kirloskar Company of India. Toyota Kirloskar always manages to be in the news. Now it seems that are they are planning to add a new feather to their hat with the ‘facelift of the all new Toyota Corolla Alits’. Wondering how do we know about it? So just for your information, it our sheer duty as well as pleasure to keep you updated and bring you the news from all the corners of India. Back on the track, it seems Toyota Corolla Altis is touring all the corners of India, though not really. It looks like Toyota Motors wants to test the capability of the car before its official launch or should I say before it is officially offered in front of the customers. Didn’t I tell you, Toyota always manages to be in the news?

So here’s a “peek a boo” at what this car looks like. To start with the car seems to have been fitted with a new wider grille but the headlights and the tail lights are almost similar to the previous model of this car. I was wondering from where does this car gets the aggressive looks and trust me very soon I found out that it is because of the wider chin. But besides these minute differences, I couldn’t see any other difference, at least not any major difference. I don’t expect for any mechanical changes in the car. Since, Toyota seems to be very happy with the insides of the previous model of this car, we don’t expect any changes inside either. However there’s a surprise waiting for you. There is a rumour that besides those two 1.4 liter diesel and the 1.8 liter petrol engines, Toyota will also launch this car with a brand new 1.6 litre petrol engine with 120 Bhp on tap. Enough to have it been priced competitively and also to give some sleepless nights to the Honda City. Not a bad deal, isn’t it?

Now to see all this yourself you have only three options. One, wait for couple of months till the official unveiling of this car. Two, keep your eyes open, there might be a possibility that it might be zooming right in front of you or third which I think is the best option, keep a tab on our website and we might bring you more insights of this ‘too shy to come out car’.

One thought on “New Toyota Corolla Altis in India, a facelift therapy

  1. Are you kidding me..
    I mean did you really managed to get a glimpse of this car..
    I mean you don’t seems to be joking though, otherwise you wouldn’t have managed to give that much of information, right?
    Btw where did you get to see this.. I mean in which corner of India..
    i guess what you said about the company is really true… otherwise there no point to simply showoff… they really want to be there in the news… I won’t be shocked if you say that this was all provided to ypu by the company itself…
    but then why didn’t they provded all the info…
    anyways it was really good to read this stuff…
    and the way u expressed makes it even more interesting than it actually is…

    BTW I’ll choose the third option to stick with you for more info about this car…

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