New Volkswagen Jetta to be launched on August 17

The new Jetta will soon be available in the Indian auto market by August 17, 2011. The car was launched globally last year; however VW was still opening their CKD assembly line for the car at their Aurangabad plant. Because of this, the launch of the new Jetta in India was pushed forward.

The Jetta features clean and simple stylish lines, along with large taillights that give it an added flair. The L shaped stoplight is another prominent highlight. The Jetta will be available in two different engine choices in India. These include the 2.0l TDI engine and its new addition, the TSI 1.4l turbo petrol engine provided with a manual 6 speed gear box. Its 2.0l diesel engine, which is capable of delivering 140bhp of max power, is the same one powering the present Skoda Laura.

Bearing in mind in the high demand for diesel models following the fuel price hike, it is likely that Volkswagen expects its diesel Jetta variant to be the main focus in this market. When compared to its predecessor, the latest Jetta has a lot of space to offer, thanks to its wider and longer frame. It will most likely follow the Passat in offering some of the class leading equipments, performance and refinements at competitive prices.

The Jetta will compete in the same category as the new Corolla Altis, the Chevrolet Cruz, the Skoda Laura and the new Renaults Fluence. As most of the auto components for the Jetta are produced at its main mother plant in Puebla Mexico that has lower costs of production compared to its Germany plant, you can expect the Jetta to have competitive pricing.

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