Nissan exhibits compact-SUV concept

Nissan has unveiled a new compact-SUV concept at the Sao Paulo motor show.

Japanese car manufacturer Nissan has presented an appealing crossover idea at this year’s Sao Paulo Motor Show, which took place in Brazil.

The novel idea, called the Extrem concept study is based on the V-platform, which also supports the Sunny as well as the Micra.

This is the initial idea designed by Nissan particularly for the residents of Brazil where the company aspires to make around 5% of the overall new car sales by the next 4 years (2016).

Nissan exhibits compact-SUV concept

Nissan Design America (NDA) is the designer of the Extrem idea. The idea has been designed in the city of San Diego with assistance from Brazilian engineers.

It is 3,850 millimeter long, 1,765 millimeter broad and 1,530 millimeter high, boasting a 2.450 millimeter wheelbase.

The concept’s plan derives inspiration by a range of Nissan cars, which ranges from the GT-R to the 370Z.

The Extrem is catered by a 1.6-litre petrol motor.

But, the company declared that this is only a concept car at the moment with no instant plans for fabrication.

As per reports, nations such as China, Russia, Brazil and India have heavy demand for compact sport utility vehicles and car manufacturers crosswise the spectrum are making plans to set up a new yield of products to make the most of this chance.

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