Nissan hikes the price of its Sunny and Micra vehicles

Mr. Kiminobu Tokuyama, the present Managing Director of Nissan Motor India Pvt. Limited, in his statement informed that the hike in prices were a result of “rising input costs and depreciating Rupee”. The MD also added that the company, in an effort to maintain the “business momentum”, however unwilling, ‘had’ to “revisit the prices”. Here the ‘price-revisited’ products, the ones in question are the Nissan Motor’s Micra and Sunny. The price of the company’s bestselling Micra, (both the Petrol and Diesel versions) has been increased and the increase is in the range of 0.56 percent to 2.09 percent. The same price hike goes for the September launched Sunny Petrol. The price hike will come into play from today, 20th January, 2012. Check on Road Price

The Petrol Micra would need you to shell out an extra Rs.3000 for all the three variants and as for the Micra’s diesel, its price (for both its variants) has shot up by Rs.12000. Petrol Nissan Sunny has been infected by the same price hike, with its Petrol version going up by Rs. 5000. The only Nissan product in discussion, not scathed by such hikes is the Diesel version of Nissan Sunny.

Nissan hikes the price of its Sunny and Micra vehicles

Mr. Kiminobu had stated that the company was forced to increase the prices as they would not comprise on the “global quality” of their products. He reassured that the price hike was marginal keeping in mind the customer interest.

Both the products, the Nissan Micra and the Nissan Sunny are powerhouses in their own right. Both have managed to bag awards as they rolled out from the factory line. ET-ZigWheels has awarded Nissan Sunny the ‘2011 Car of the Year’ award’ in ‘entry level compact sedan segment’ and, Nissan Micra was awarded in the premium compact segment category, as they had acquired a score of 857 from the JD Power Asia Pacific 2011 India Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout (APEAL).  In the study, it was reported that the car had done particularly well in six categories, out of the ten and with 25,000 cars sold already since its launch in July 2010, the car justifies its high 857 score!

The automotive industry keenly looks on, as another company succumbs to troubling times and enlists itself in the ‘price-hiked’ list.

Nissan hikes the price of its Sunny and Micra vehicles

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