Nissan Launches Third Season Of Student Brand Manager Campaign

The Nissan Student Brand Manager (NSBM) program has entered its third consecutive season this year with the launch of the 6-month long campaign here today.

The launch of the campaign, meant for the management students across 25 cities in the country, was announced by Mr Dinesh Jain, Chief Executive Officer, Hover Automotive India Pvt Ltd, Nissan’s Sales & Marketing Partner in India, in the presence of past NSBMs.

The 2012 edition of the campaign is a redesigned campaign from that of last year, which will have internationally renowned panelists like marketing guru Dr. Nirmalya Kumar from the London business school.

The NSBM 2012 will culminate in the selection of 30 Nissan Student Brand Managers who will receive a grant of Rs.10,000 per month for 6 months to help them conceptualize and implement innovative ideas on Nissan brand visibility and sustenance. NSBMs will be given Nissan Micras to help them feel and engage their thoughts in line with the product propositions.

Launching the campaign, Mr. Jain, CEO, said, “The fact that NSBM enters the third consecutive season reflects that Nissan is serious about identifying and nurturing management talents in order to give them the right exposure in the field of marketing. Nissan’s Student Brand Manager 2012 is an opportunity for the students to seek, implore and stretch their capabilities through their association with Nissan brand.”

Nissan Launches Third Season Of Student Brand Manager Campaign
Describing his success as success of NSBM, Mr.Jaipal Charan, one of the IIM Indore student brand managers of 2011 said, “One of the very few opportunities available for those who are passionate about automobiles and who love marketing; six months with Nissan meant a lot for me.”

The range of activities will vary from creating unique events of their own from setting up test-drive days at their respective colleges to creating buzz about brand Nissan among student community. The campaign will be open to second year management students across the country, including the Eastern part of the country, where it was not thrown open last year.

Leading B-schools including IIM-Indore, Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, IMT Ghaziabad, IIT-M, IIMS, DoMS, VIT, Institute of Management, Orissa, Birla school Of Management, Kolkata, IIM-C, will be participating in the campaign.

Participation and Selection Criteria

Students who meet the eligibility criteria (should have completed first year of course) can participate in this program by undertaking a small project outlined by the company.

The students will register at the website and submit their proposal on the basis of theme decided by the Jury in a PPT or a PDF format up to 5 MB of data.

Entries will be shortlisted from every region and be called for the zonal rounds in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata to face the Jury for further selection.

Entries shortlisted from all the five zones will be called in for 2-day finale programme.

30 students will be appointed after the final round. They will be trained by Nissan experts for the roll-out of 6 month program.

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