Nissan to bring in a sports car below the current 370Z

The Japanese car manufacturing giant Nissan is planning to bring in a new sports car that may stay below the existing sports car of Nissan, the 370Z that is available in the automobile market of India right now. In case everything goes in accordance to the proposed plan then this new sports car would be making the opportunity of owning a sports car of this kind very easy on the pocket of the sports car lovers. This twin seating capacity, less-priced sports car would be competing with the already running sports cars of Audi TT and Lancer Evolution-X of Mitsubishi in India. Now I wonder, what would a compact sports car both in terms of size and price do to this particular segment, the Nissan’s new production which is below its existing 370Z will definitely bring in a new era in this segment and make it a niche segment of  high performance and affordable sports car.

This ostensible move of the firm looks as if it has been inspired by the competing luxury brands of Mercedes Benz, BMW, Porsche and Audi who are trying to aim the youth with their latest sports entry level cars. Although the firm has not made any comment on the time-line by which it will be completing the project of creating these small sports cars. At the same time other things are being developed at the firm’s end to downsize the existing engine of 370Z. It is also not made clear by Nissan if this new smaller sports car will replace the current 270Z or will it produce new models. Currently the Nissan 370Z is boosted by a V6, 3.7 litre engine that is potent enough to raise a formidable power of 350 bhp and a peak torque of 374 Nm.

Nissan 370Z

However, the Japanese car maker can also create an engine which has a less displacement but it is equipped with forced induction to generate the same magnitude of power and torque of the 370Z sports car. Copious cars around the globe are boosted with a shallow capacity petrol turbo engine which generates an immense volume of power and torque. If Nissan decides finally to downsize its 370Z sports car’s engine the forced induction system of the apparatus may as well be utilized to power-up the coming generation of the existing 370Z and also the expected compact variant of this sports car.

Nissan 370Z

Whenever this compact sports car will come to India it will definitely be well appreciated by the youngsters. Moreover, with the rising share of the working youth in the population of India, the chances of majority customers to be young and wealthy has also increased manifold. This will go in huge favour for the company at large. The question still remains on the date of availability once it has been confirmed as well as the price of this compact sports car.

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