No Diesel Engine For Renault XBA Hatchback

Renault’s new car for masses against the Maruti Alto is taking shape in the development department with huge aggression. A source from the industry sprung out with an equation, this car will not strap a diesel engine. Only petrol option is expected to go on sale. And that is a 800cc three-cylinder motor churning out similar output to that of its rivals. A powerful machine of 1.0-litre displacement may make way to the list in future.

On the then naming side, the hatchback is codenamed as XBA and engine as BR.

As per the saying, engine bay will hold only small displacements of petrol with no cutouts for diesel sounding worthy of. Secondly, the hampering regulations in the favour of diesel cars will lose its cost advantage. Majorly, the aforesaid reasons had compelled Renault to drop diesel from the list as of now. But an AMT gearbox will also make to the platform at the time of launch.

No Diesel Engine For Renault XBA Hatchback

Based on CMFA platform, Renault XBA is rumoured to get named as Kayou. The styling will resemble the crossover than a small hatchback. Renault will target the small-budget buyers of XBA but will offer full-fledged features without leaving a chance to show remorse of cost-reduction that other cars of this lineup mostly portray.

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