No JLR in London Stock Exchange

Tata Motors have strongly refused that they wouldn’t be listing their English acquisition, Jaguar Land Rover in the London Stock Exchange. Earlier on we had reported how the company had big plans to list JLR in the stock exchange program but now Tata Motors have strongly stamped their feet claiming that as of now, there are no such plans and if at all, there is one, the media would definitely be in the loop.

To increase its profitability in India, Tata Motors have chalked out a new plan for Jaguar Land Rover. The Indian company is thinking of procuring components from their Indian suppliers for the English brand. Apart from the investments ranking in millions that Tata is thinking of pouring into JLR’s development coffers, they are also thinking of ramping up production. Off late, Jaguar cars are in demand in India due to their exclusivity factor and Tata is looking to take advantage of the situation as early as possible.

It is also said that many of Tata Motors’s existing component suppliers like Lumax Auto Technologies, have already bagged orders from Land Rover for their LED stop lamps. The localization would be as far as 20% in Jaguar Land Rover vehicles from India and subsequently from other low cost countries as well. Above all, Tata Motors wants to take this number to the tune of 35% and at the same time ensure that the local manufacturers maintain the quality expected from a Jaguar car. Moreover, this parts would also be imported to the company’s UK facility.

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