Off-the-hook brake concept of Porche Panamera

Over the past century, there has been a strong clash of titans that is going on amongst the leading and cut-throat automobile megalomaniacs especially Porsche, Ferrari and its compatriots. But a Porsche is always a Porsche. Ever since the first model of the car entered the market, the brand name has shot up to such an extent that Porsche now has one of the most appreciated legacies behind it. With Carrera GT, Boxter, 911 Turbo, Cayenne, Cayman and Panamera, Porsche can proudly open the doors to its exclusive range of monsters on wheels showcasing groundbreaking technologies in the field of automobile.

The latest news hitting the market is that Porsche is pretty keen to initiate talks regarding a new type of brake that will be fitted to Porsche Panamera. Earlier, a similar launch was made by none other than Mercedes Benz following which Porsche also decided to follow the trajectory. The Paris Motor Show is round the corner and Porsche has hinted to its fanatics that a new version of Porsche Panamera will probably hit the market soon. This will be the station wagon version of the beauty and is said to have initiated lots of anticipation amongst the people. A unique tag will be added to the car which will boldly say “Shooting brake” thus increasing the hype around the car. But Porsche is pretty keen to showcase this new feature following which it will take feedback from the people upon which the concept will be launched in the car. There are many magazines that are covering this news at the moment out of which Car&Driver Magazine was the first one to reveal that Porsche was giving its enthusiasts a chance to select whether the Shooting brake concept should be there in the car or not. There are a few models of Porsche Panamera that are running in the market at the moment and a few more are there which will be launched in the coming years. Porsche plans to make the presence of Panamera felt all across the world by launching the models even in such countries where there are fewer buyers.Improvisation in the design of the car is also being considered by the company.

Off the hook brake concept of Porche Panamera

The versions of Porsche Panamera which are prevailing in the market since last few years might not see the upgrade but those which are coming up will definitely be boasting of Shooting brake concept. This will happen only if the audience gives thumbs up to the project.There are also talks of a hybrid version of the car that will be based on plug-in concept of charging.A miniature version of Panamera is also said to be talked about and Porsche has a range of new vehicles lined up to be launched into the market including Macan Crossover and 918 Spyder. It is being said that the miniature version of Panamera will be named as Pajun and there is already hype regarding the unveiling of the car in the market.

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