Petrol prices may slash by Rs 2 a litre on Friday

After what seemed to be a rollercoaster ride past month, the prices of petrol gets another jitter, and oil companies announce another slash of Rs 2 per litre today. This owes to the unrelenting descend of crude oil prices in international markets. Indian oil companies will have a word over this matter in a meeting today evening.

Relenting to public uproar over the steepest price change of petrol in Indian history, the petrol prices saw a trim of Rs 2.02 a litre against the rise of Rs 7.54 a week before that. With the petrol prices moving down south in international market from $116 to $96 per barrel, the government is willing to let the common man enjoy it by offering a relief of Rs 2 a litre.

Petrol prices may slash by Rs 2 a litre on Friday

However, as the value of Indian rupee is depreciating in the international market, it remains pretty sketchy what the government will do against the prices of subsidized fuels.

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