Peugeot Team to Meet with Tamil Nadu Govt. Bureaucrats Next Week

Peugeot, a leading French car manufacturer is scouting for plots as they hope to enter the Indian auto market soon. For this purpose, a senior team from Peugeot is expected to have a meeting with the government of Tamil Nadu, next week.

Peugeot, which is planning to reenter this market, are looking at three different states for opening their Greenfield plant attracting a $2bn investment from them and suppliers as well. A Sr. bureaucrat from the Tamil Nadu state government was quoted as saying that executives from the company will meet the state bureaucrats for discussions, next week; however he declined to divulge any further details.

The company had earlier visited potential locations including the SEZ Sri City in Tada, bordering Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. They are currently looking for an 800 to 1,000 acre plot to set up their manufacturing plant. This is likely to include a dye manufacturing plant for building car auto parts, a design R&D team, a shop for body-building, as well as new technologies to be used in a centrally controlled room to be used for regular functioning and testing unit.

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