Phase III of Continental’s Technical Centre India Launched

Continental, a leading auto supplier, recently inaugurated the Phase III of their Technical Centre India, based in Bangalore. This centre produces auto technology as well as offers software services for their company’s automotive group. This centre is soon becoming the company’s major hub for R&D in emerging markets.

The Technical Centre India’s Head, Joachim Nell, said that this step is a further proof of their commitment in India. By opening the TCI, they have created a profitable situation for both themselves and their customers. They have been able to get the large talent base in India so that they can work on some of the latest innovations and technologies, along with offering the best price location with its first class services and facilities to their global markets as well.

TCI has fast access to some of the most qualified engineers, and because of their flexibility in technology and manpower, they are able to deliver the most cost-effective and best quality engineering support globally as well. The centre works on a type of hybrid concept, by combining strengths of its development centre with their development centres offshore, operated by their engineering partners like Wipro, Siemens and KPIT.

As of now, the TCI currently has around 600 engineers, which includes ODC’s with an expenditure of 23mn Euros or Rs.150 crore per annum. The centre also added around 17,000 square feet space and it can now accommodate an extra 400 people. Since the set up of the centre, it has witnessed a growth of 20% every year. The centre spearheads the company’s Affordable Car Strategy. They have a large product portfolio in ‘Affordable Cars’ that will be suitable to meet the needs of emerging economies like India.

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