Piaggio Micro Car Likely to be Manufactured in India

The Italian automobile manufacturing company, Piaggio is the world’s 4th biggest producing company of scooters and bikes. It designs, develops and markets small commercial vehicles as well. As per the report, the automaker could make India a manufacturing hub for its 3-seater micro city vehicle planned for Europe. Two years ago, it unveiled a vehicle codenamed NT3 that’s 2.4m tall and is propelled by a 350cc powerplant. The Piaggio micro car is likely to be introduced in the year 2015 and Europeans are being attracted towards the micro car’s concept which owing to their petite frame is easily maneuverable in Europe’s the busy streets.

Piaggio Micro Car Likely to be Manufactured in India

At present, the Piaggio micro car category is enjoying the attractiveness with Daimler’s Smart and the Italian automaker wants to shine and rise in this rising market of micro vehicles. Mr. Gabriele Galli, Chief Financial Officer at Piaggio group stated that the most significant aspect of a micro car class is the cost and it’s going to produce a vehicle, which will cost less unlike the Daimler’s Smart.

Piaggio is also planning to introduce this micro car with diesel, hybrid and petrol as powertrain options. The 200cc version of micro car is also on the charts that will be introduced as a competitor of RE60 of Bajaj, a 200cc people mover, which Bajaj introduced at Auto Expo 2012 in Delhi. The famous brand Vespa in India was introduced by Piaggio India at a facility with a capacity of 150,000 vehicles.

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