Porsche Macan sold out

Macan  SUV had been introduced by Porsche at the LA Motor Show. The German super car maker is all set to start the deliveries of the car by April 2014. One of the biggest surprises for the company was the exceptional response of car enthusiasts for the Macan. The company had targeted to sell a lot of 50,000 units of the car. Shockingly, within 2 months of the car being unveiled, they all have been booked. The company itself wasn’t expecting such an overwhelming response from the customers, as a result of which they will now be setting new sales targets for the car.

Porsche will also be reconsidering the manufacturing target of Macan in order to meet its high demand. The Macan has not yet been delivered to its first customer, and it is already sold out. The German car maker is forced to respond to this new scenario and has decided to increase its production capacity to 80,000 units. The company is now banking on the car since it has already done wonders for them by becoming the highest sold vehicle for the company till date. Looking at the start itself, Porsche is expecting the customer response to get even better, so that a new record it set for them.

Porsche Macan

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