Porsche to Showcase New 991 911 Sports Car

Porsche will soon showcase a new 911 model, the new 991 series at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show. With this new car, the manufacturer has not only put greater emphasis on the involvement of the driver, but also wants to bring about important changes in the economy and emissions area.

The engine, which is usually mounted in the rear in these models, will now be positioned nearer to the car’s centre. As the weight will now be more centralized, the new 911 will be able to handle better. According to sources, the car is also likely to get electronic power steering, in place of the hydraulic one, so that the engine delivers better economy.

Moreover, the new Porsche 911 will also have a little longer wheelbase, with the rear wheels now behind by an additional 40mm, so that the car is tighter when going around bends. The increased wheelbase will also increase the interior space that is always received well in sports cars and grand tourer models.

The new car is also likely to features manual seven speed gear box, addressing their focus on driver involvement. The present PDK gear box is good, and though this transmission option will likely be retained, the addition of a manual seven speed transmission will provide the driver with 2 overdrive gears that will help in increasing fuel economy to a large extent.

The new 991 911 car is also likely to be lighter by 30 to 40kgs according to reports. The last and most important feature is that the new 991 911 sports car will get a small flat six 3.4l engine that will be capable of delivering 350bhp of max power, whereas the high end variants will be equipped with a flat six 3.8l engine that will be capable of delivering around 400bhp or more of max power.

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