Production-Spec Porsche Mission E To Arrive By 2020

Production-Spec Porsche Mission E To Arrive By 2020

German car making giant Porsche has moved a step closer to releasing its first fully electric sports car, the Mission E, with the four-door sedan entering the final phase of development. According to Autocar, Porsche has successfully completed testing of the near-production prototype, with the company research and development chief Michael Steiner confirming that the design work is now complete.

Steiner said the plan was to produce "a really sporty sports car, a four-seater that low on the road, with a low centre of gravity. A car that typically Porsche but electric." The Mission E was first showcased as a concept at a motor show in Frankfurt, Germany two years ago, but the manufacturer is thought to have since made numerous changes to its specifications ahead of its planned release in 2019.

The vehicle – currently codenamed Project J1 – is expected to cost around $195,000 when hits the market and will feature a two-motor setup, producing 590bhp and driving 663lb ft of torque to the rear wheels. However, the final production car won be called the Mission E, Porsche chief executive Oliver Blume told Autocar.

Porsche first fully electric car will launch as a fifth model line positioned between the 911 and Panamera, which the high-end manufacturer hopes will bring the brand to more customers.

The company has reportedly set an annual sales target of 20,000 units after the first year of production. The final production version of the Mission E will be unveiled in 2019, with deliveries to start the following year.

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