Range Rover revealed the 2014 Evoque

The prototype of this 2014 Evoque was shown earlier this year at the Geneva Motor Show. Now finally the company has revealed the production model of this car. The new Evoque will be equipped with a 9 speed gearbox which will be supplied by ZF. 2 diesel and 1 petrol variant of Evoque will see this gearbox as standard.

This new Range Rover Evoque 2014 is loaded with a series of new features and focuses on keeping the fuel costs low. From this October onwards, The Range Rover Evoque will come with the new 9 speed automatic gearbox. This will give the car a better fuel economy which will make driving much more efficient that the present model of Evoque.

The company has claimed that this new gearbox will add to the car’s performance and to the overall driving via an adaptive shift system that can adjust itself automatically depending upon how it is being driven.

2014 Range Rover Evoque
This new 2014 Evoque will also include a new feature known as the Active Driveline system. With this system, the car can automatically turn its 4 wheel drive system into a 2 wheel drive system when it is not in need of extra traction. This system will be activated automatically after the car crosses the speed of 22 mph and therefore the fuel economy is better in general driving. The car will also incorporate clever electronic system which will improve the grip during cornering.

Range Rover Evoque

With the use of ZF gearbox and a 4 wheel drive system the car’s fuel consumption has reduced by 10% in the new 2014 Evoque. With lesser fuel consumption there will be lesser emission. The car’s exhaust will see a fall of 9%. The car is using an ED4 diesel engine of 2.2 liter capacity. This version will use a manual gearbox but will be the most efficient model. The 2014 Evoque will also be using some new technology which will include wading sensor which is used while driving through deeper waters. The car will also have a system that exits the parking bays automatically, cruise control system that adapts to the road you using for driving, traffic sign recognition as well as lane departure warning system. Various other systems are also offered which help to park the car perfectly straight and detect oncoming vehicles. One of the system can even drive the car automatically in heavy traffics.

Range Rover Evoque 2014

With the use of “InControl” app smartphones can be connected to the new Evoque. This can give you useful info like the status of your fuel tank and it can help you locate the car if you have forgotten where you have parked it.

The most noticeable changes which have been incorporated are the new paint colour schemes which include Zanzibar Bronze and newly designed badges on the tailgate and the front grille. The car will be using newly designed all alloy wheels which add to the overall appearance of the car. These updates can be spotted easily but you need to have a keen eye for it.

Range Rover Evoque Back View

The company has not yet revealed the exact price of this car. The present range of Evoque costs around £29,200 while its automatic version costs around £32,705.

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