Renault Duster helps Renault gain highest ever sales figure in India for Oct

The French automaker Renault has announced its sales figures for the month for October 2012 in India. The new sales figures earmarks the company’s best ever numerals since its entry into the Indian market, primarily thanks to the unprecedented response seen by Duster. Renault has revealed about 5 vehicles and has set up about 75 dealership outlets across the country that made it the company with the fastest rise of facilities and products in the Indian market. The company is hoping to grow its dealership by 100 by the end of this year.

Commenting on the new sales figures, MD of Renault India Pvt. Ltd, Marc Nassif said that they are highly pleased with the current sales reports and are glad to see that Indians have accepted Renault quite generously, particularly the Renault Duster. He also said that at Renault they are quite optimistic about their entire product portfolio and the dealership growth had helped them to reach across the country.

Renault Duster helps Renault gain highest ever sales figure in India for Oct

He also said that the market is not quite good as it was last year but then also Renault is hoping to achieve its target and will continue to rise with the current rate.

Renault India sold about 6790 vehicles out of which it sold about 5406 units of Duster, 737 units Scala, 483 unit Pulse, Fluence about 107 units and Koleos sold 57 units. Clearly Duster has come out as a miracle for the Renault in India.  Last year Renault had only two products in its portfolio and sold a total of about 173 units out of which Fluence accounts for 114 units and Koleos 59 units.

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