Renault Projects New Diesel Fluence Sedan to Sell Most in Gujarat Market

As French auto manufacturer, Renault re-enters the market with is Fluence sedan, following the end of their partnership with Indian auto maker, Mahindra & Mahindra, they have priced heir diesel version cheaper than the car’s petrol version. The diesel version of the Fluence is priced at Rs.12.99 lakhs, whereas the premium petrol version is priced at Rs.14.4 lakhs.

The company, encouraged by Gujarat’s preference towards diesel cars, the company expects that 80 to 85% of sales for its diesel version Fluence will be from Gujarat itself.

The company’s VP of marketing and sales, Len Curran, said that the Gujarat market is a suited towards diesel cars, and they expect to sell 80 to 85% net sales for their diesel version to sell in Gujarat. Overall, the company expects 70% sales of the Renault Fluence in India, to be for its diesel version. For markets like New Delhi, they expect diesel sales to be nearer 65%.

Renault plans to sell around 100,000 vehicles by 2013 in India, by which time, they plan to increase their product portfolio to include 5 models.

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