Renault to give Passat competition in the D+ segment very soon

According to reliable sources, the French car manufacturing firm Renault is looking for an opportunity to explore the segment of premium sedan in the Indian automobile market. Currently this D+ segment is dominated by the Passat of Volkswagen brand. Renault wants to break this domination of Passat and for this Renault has already initiated the process of design, development and introduction of a car to this particular luxury segment called D+. The French car manufacturer is determined to achieve this target set by 2016. However, so far no conclusive decision has been made on the proposed D+ sedan’s overall specifications. All we know that this new car would be placed above the Laguna sedan of Renault. At the same time this new premium sedan will be made on the same lines as of the Samsung SM7 of Renault as per assumptions made by the auto experts and critics. The Renault Samsung SM7 is a luxury sedan, which is only sold in the Korean automobile market and nowhere else.

Volkswagen Passat
Once everything regarding the specifications, exterior, interior, safety feature and other minute details of this new mystery car is sorted out by the firm, it will be launched in the automobile markets of United Kingdom and Germany. Once it has collected a good volume of sales from the customers as well as the auto experts and critics, it will be in a better position to foresee the future of its success in the other international markets. With a monthly average sales of 100 to 150 units, Volkswagen Passat has a strong hold over the D+ segment of the car market in India since past more than five months now. The mystery car of Renault is to compete with BMW 3 Series and Mondeo other than Passat.

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