Rolls Royce Ghost extended wheelbase – Review

The Rolls Royce Ghost, which was launched in India in early 2011, has been termed as ideally a driver’s cars coming out from the Rolls Royce factories. Though the car looks like any other Rolls Royce from outside, the component that catches ones eye is that the extra length is missing, though at 5.4 meters, it is still a big car. Check on Road Price

The Rolls Royce Ghost has now come up with an (EWB) model having extended wheelbase to the tune of 17 centimeters of added length catering to the wheelbase and the legroom at the rear as well. All other dimensions have remained unchanged.

Why the need for Change?:

There has been a continuous demand in the new markets for Rolls Royce, particularly China, which has become the fastest grower in luxury car segment. It is obvious in the Chinese scenario why there was a clamour for more kneerom, legroom at the rear, because here most owners would have chauffeurs doing the driving, not the case in other markets, where chances of this compact Rolls being owner-driven, exists.

Rolls Royce Ghost extended wheelbase in India

The Indian Context:

Ghost EWB being a huge hit in China, the Indians too are not lagging behind as the newly launched Ghost EWB holds the potential to become the first choice for the young, discerning Indian super luxury car buyer.

The Exterior Changes:

Changes from the exterior in the Ghost EWB is miniscule, only notable feature being the panaromic sun roof’s addition and a slightly longer wheelbase.  To add up to the distinctive features of this new model, a new forged wheel has also been added.

Rolls Royce Ghost extended wheelbase in India

The Interior Changes:

The Ghost EWB’s extra length of 170mm hugely improves the rear passenger’s space and legroom to such an extent that you might have to shout to give your driver instructions, solely because of the distance separating the front and rear seats. The kneeroom too  has extended from 160mm to 330 mm, which means even a 6.5 feet + person would have at least 3 inches headroom whereas there extended feet would just about touch the back of the front seats.

Rolls Royce Ghost extended wheelbase interior Rolls Royce Ghost extended wheelbase interior Rolls Royce Ghost extended wheelbase interior

Comfort Personified:

Once one steps into the Ghost EWB, uniquely built heavy doors close on touch bottom system, rear lounge seats have a slight curve and also positioned with perfection for passengers to face each other, by turning a bit, for some chitchatting, insulated sunroof keeping out weather and noise, but at the same time bathing the car with natural light. Also, the airconditioning being effectively controlled, the entire ride comes to you as a rich, memorable experience.

Rolls Royce Ghost extended wheelbase interior Rolls Royce Ghost extended wheelbase interior Rolls Royce Ghost extended wheelbase interior


The Rolls Royce Ghost retains the dynamic 6.6 litre V12 engine, with twin turbo chargers that was initially used in the Ghost’s initial wheelbase model. Peak power and torque of 563 HP and 780 Nm is available at jus 1500 rpm. A vehicle that touches nearly 3 tonnes weight when 4 passengers have boarded is speedy enough to reach from 0 to 100 kmph in a mere five seconds, and a top speed of 250 kmph.

Rolls Royce Ghost extended wheelbase engine

Colours and Pricing:

The Ghost EWB will be available to very limited number of buyers this year. Prices would be starting from Rs. 3.05 crore onwards (inclusive of import taxes). 12 exterior colours, each contrasted with optional silver satin aluminium bonnet, is what Ghost EWB offers to its consumers to choose from.

Rolls Royce Ghost

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