Rs 400 crores to be invested by Volvo in India

In a bid of taking its operations in India seriously, Volvo India are said to be investing close to Rs 400 crores in India within the coming 5 years. It is said that Volvo India would investing this money in their bus operations and not car business. Volvo are keen to ramp up their production capacity seeing the demand for their buses.

Volvo are also said to be very enthusiastic in ensuring that the best of their technology reaches India and this would not only mean safer automobiles but also technology in the form of hybrid and more fuel efficient vehicles. Initially Volvo had entered the Indian bus scene a good 10 years back and had their partnership entrenched with Azad Coach Builders. However, later on, Volvo acquired the latter and now owns it. As of now, Volvo Buses Ltd sells about 3k buses each fiscal. Volvo have their own manufacturing firm for their buses in Hoskote, Bangalore. Currently Volvo Motors is the market leader as far as the bus business in India is concerned. They claim a 70 percent stake in the bus business.

Rs 400 crores to be invested by Volvo in India

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