Sachin Tendulkar to BMW’s maiden brand ambassador

Whenever it comes to excellence, only a few names come up to demonstrate the dominance in their respective fields. The case is same with BMW and Sachin Tendulkar too. The carmaker has always excelled in whatever it brings into the market, while the latter needs no introduction for his contribution and success in the world of cricket. Now both the names are coming together in a spirit of partnership.

As per latest reports, the legendary cricketer will soon be signed as the maiden brand ambassador of the German giant. Anticipations are high that the signing will be done during the official launch of the F30-3 Series on 27th July. In fact, the signing is just not what is being speculated. The carmaker has few more stuffs too stocked in the box. Sachin will be presenting the keys of the first hundred 2012 3-Series to its buyers.

Sachin Tendulkar to BMW maiden brand ambassador

The legend is already associated with many other leading brands. Thus, his endorsement of BMW will certainly not be the first prominent brand for him. In fact, he is associated with brands like Adidas, Boost, Castrol, Coco-Cola and many more. It’s nothing but the brand name he owns within himself that makes him too appealing to be resisted for the brands. Moreover, his clean and controversy-free image and personality always takes his name and respect for him to a newer level.

Sachin Tendulkar to BMW maiden brand ambassador

On the other hand, BMW too, doesn’t need any introduction for its name. For the Bavarian brand, it’s just its name that does all for it. The carmaker has a record of having no brand ambassador yet. Now the luxury car brand is looking forward to bring in another factor with its models and its unparalleled driving experience; the Sachin-factor. The carmaker has already earned its value in the country after its models, like the BMW 3-Series, X1 and even 5-Series, did pretty well in the market.

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