Sales in the domestic market driving Mahindra’s growth

This was the perfect start which Mahindra and Mahindra wanted to begin the New Year with. After posting the highest ever sales figures in the history of the company, for the passenger car segment, the automaker has come up with yet another merry news. The sales of tractors for the month of January 2011 clocked 19430 units which is a significant increase from 15925 units it sold in the month of January last year. Overall sales figures for tractors, including exports, stood at 20499 in the month of January 2011, which is higher than the sales figure for the same month last year, 16879 units. An increase of 21 percent was recorded.

The total cumulative figure for sales across all categories (export + domestic) was recorded at 1, 74,764 vehicles which is an increase of 30,215 units from the last year’s figure for the same month. Exports were rather less fascinating and stood at 1,069 for the month which is a tad higher from 954 units exported during the same month last year, although an increase of 12 percent is reported but when translated into units, it is anything but impressive.

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