San Motors all set to launch its Convertible

Indian manufacturers of sports cars have started making significant impact in the global auto platform. One such car manufacturer is the Goa based San Motors that seems to be heading towards a very bright future. One of the vehicles from its stables, the San Storm 1.2L, is already doing well in the popularity charts across the region. In lines with its commitment towards continuous improvement, the car manufacturer is planning to bring in an all-new engine that will be packed with more power and leave a strong impact in the auto industry. Additionally, San Motors is also planning to increase its dealership network all across India in order to efficiently handle the distribution of its cars.

San Motors all set to launch its Convertible

Renault has been given the exclusive rights by San Motors for designing the engine that is to be used in the San Storm convertible. However, the role of Renault in the designing the convertible has been restricted to just sourcing the engine. All other development activities including basic structuring of the new model is being indigenously designed in the country itself at the manufacturing unit of San Motors. In its existence in India for more than ten years, the journey of the auto manufacturer has been somewhat of a mixed bag, having experienced both good times as well as bad ones. But with the growth in interest of Indian consumers towards sports car, San Motors views the current scenario as the right opportunity to spread its growth.

With Formula I racing already making its presence felt in India and a recent event also having been organized at Greater Noida’s Buddh International Racing Circuit, there has been a significant growth in the interests of general population towards these racing machines. In fact, the growth in popularity is such that the Indian government is already weighing options pertaining to setting up another Formula I race track in the city of Mumbai. Chennai also has its very own motorsports event that has been going on for quite a while now.

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