Shell India Introduces Revamped Range of Lubricants

Shell Lubricants recently launched a new and improved range of transmission and industrial greases and lubricants in India. Launched following a process that lasted three years, these products will provide customers proper protection level for equipments.

The company’s India head of lubricants, Donald Anderson, said that they have constantly striven to provide products, which work well, and products that are technological for meeting need of customers in an efficient manner. Their recent consumer behaviour research in relation to their lubricants showed that the huge range of choices that offer, usually prove complex and confusing for them.

Taking a note of this, they decided to redesign their entire range, removing those products that offered same applications, of those that featured older technology that was already replaced by new advanced formulas. They also improved the choices of products they offered, by adding selective synthetic and specialty products.

The product range was devised for providing greater protection due to engine corrosion and wear in vehicles. They are also customised specifically because of the harsh weather that is prevails in India. They hope that with this advancement, they will be able to help end consumers in reducing the regular wear in their cars, and as a result, help engines to last longer.

Their new product range also features conversion tools so that it is easier for their customers to make the transition. It also has new product guides and pack labels that will help in deciding choice by using colour coding, visual icons and new names for indicating the performance benefits of the product. It also has suffixes that help to indicate the conditions and applications in which it is useful.

The changes were also designed so as to decrease mis-application risks that prevail in factory environments. The company also utilized the revamp of its product line, to out forth standardised packaging throughout their product range that will help in making stacking and storage easier.

By introducing their new range they also provide increased security and consistency of supply, and as many operations face pressure for increasing their output and efficiency, the introduction of their new range is the perfect opportunity to make customers re-evaluate their choices of lubricants.

Their new range has been based around important tiers, each providing greater efficiency levels, when it comes to protection. This includes Premium, Mainline, Entry, and the Advanced that uses the newest synthetic technology. All of the product sets are structure around tiers that include hydraulic oils – Shell Tellus, circulating and bearing Oils – Shell Morlina, turbine oils – Shell Turbo, thermic fluid – Heat Transfer, gear oils – Shell Omala, compressor oils – Shell Corena, slideway oils – Shell Tonna, and lastly an entire array of greases – Shell Gadus.

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