Singur calling Tata Motors again

Tata Motors seems to be in the news every other day and most of it has always got to be for the Tata Nano. This car has been in the controversy right from the time it was conceptualized. Earlier on in 2009, when work on the car had already been completed 90%, the agitation in Singur came along and then production had to be halted due to the non committal status of the local people.

Looks like they  have realized their mistake and the locals have now forwarded a letter to Tata Motors stating that they want the company to revive their factory in Singur. It took a full two years for the locals to realize their mistake. The problem earlier on, started when the locals started violent protests saying that they were losing land and wanted a higher price than what they were been paid for. Without a second thought Tata Motors had agreed to pay them a higher price however the greedy locals started making some more demands and eventually said that they wouldn’t allow the company to set shop in Singur. As a result temporary production of the Tata Nano started in Uttarakhand and then later on to Pant Nagar in Pune and Sanand in Gujarat.

In response to the locals plea, Tata Motors have said that they would definitely visit Singur sooner or later and assess the situation. The last time around, to be precise, in December 2009, company officials had adjudged the Singur site to be unfit for production purposes. The Singur Vikas Committee president Mr Uddayan Das has written a letter to Tata Motors urging them to visit the site at the earliest and set up their plant there. He has also mentioned in the letter that the locals would now whole heartedly support Tata Motors and there wouldn’t be any untoward demands. Tata Motors in response are saying that they would give a hefty ransom to people who have lost their land or may be appoint locals for all the production work job.

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