Skoda Citijet Concept Bound For Worthersee Show

Before today, the Citigo was Skoda’s least interesting vehicle on the sales lot. Sure, the 3.5 meter mini is great for nipping around traffic; however it lacks that pizzazz, which small cars from a few decades ago had, such as the Lupo GTI, for example. That all stops with a concept known as Citijet, unveiled ahead of forthcoming Worthersee GTI meet in Austria.

This is a result of letting a group of 16 Skoda design apprentices loose on a Citigo and asking them to turn it into their ideal one-off concept vehicle. The Citijet has taken six months, in which time the youthful design team came up with an open-top Skoda Citigo equipped with rollbars where the back seats would normally be. You will also find 16 inch alloy wheels covering red brake calipers, twin-tailpipe exhaust system and a handmade rear wing.

Skoda Citijet Concept

The Citijet’s engine is the standard 1.0 liter 3-cylinder that’s rated at 74 horsepower and is found in Volkswagen Up, Seat Mii and Skoda Citigo sisters. Inside, the design students chose the interior trimming of Citigo Sport models for the Citijet, meaning red stitching for the leather-wrapped steering column, handbrake and gear lever, in addition to Sport-spec seats and floor mats. A 300W audio system is also included and is matched with LED lighting system that pulses in time with the music playback, as per Skoda.

Skoda Citijet Concept Back View

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