Skoda Yeti 2013 Facelift Revealed

Skoda is automobile manufacturers based in Czech Republic a part of Austria, Hungary. Skoda has now been a big brand name in India. It has been successful most likely for its latest models.

It has been observed that Yeti model is one the popular and fast selling products especially in international market, particularly in Europe. In UK, it has proved to the customers that it is a reliable model. On the contrary, Yeti has not conquered the Indian customer’s heart. It is least popular in India.

It is true that Skoda needed to be redressed. It exactly happened and it has been face lifted. Merely, the rear and the front have been sharpened which give it a contemporary look. Now the question arises that will this facelift be launched in the Indian market or not.

Skoda Yeti 2013 Facelift Revealed

It is understandable that Yeti has not created any benchmark in India yet, however there are more chances to break the records with its new look. Further, Skoda will have to make many changes according to the business requirements like engine size, mileage and changes in the features which should compete.

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