Special Porsche Cayman S Black Edition on Sale from July

Beginning July, you can expect to see a limited edition offering of the Cayman S Black mid-engine coupe available in the market. The special edition has been limited to only 500 models in the market. This coupe boasts of even greater performance, with an especially sumptuous equipment specification.

This special edition car is fitted with a six cylinder boxer 3.4l engine, with a power output of 330 hp, an increase of 10hp at 7400rpm. The max torque though remains the same at 370Nm at 4,750rpm. The acceleration time of this car has also seen an improvement by one-tenth of a second going from 0 to 100km/hr in 5.1 seconds, when paired with a manual six gear transmission and in 5.0 seconds when paired with the optional PDK.

If the Launch Control available on their Sport Chrono package is activated, then the acceleration time is reduced to 4.8 seconds. Meanwhile, the top speed of this car is 2kph faster than the Cayman S, at 279 km/h with the manual transmission and a top speed of 277km/h with the PDK.

This special edition car is quite sporty with its longitudinal dynamics. It is also able to cater to exacting demands because of its comprehensive and high quality equipment. Some of the basic specs of the car include Bi-Xenon headlights which have dynamic cornering lights, daytime LED running lights as well as anti-dazzle automatic exterior and interior mirrors which are integrated with a rain sensor.

The front passenger and driver seats have partial black leather seats which have Porsche crest on their headrests. The cabin is also equipped with climate control for ensuring comfortable temperature. The steering wheel has a sport design, while you also have a cruise control option which makes driving at one speed a more economical and comfortable experience.

The special edition sports coupe has a very consistent colour scheme. The dashboard trim, gear selector/ lever trim as well as the instrument cluster’s dials are in black. It also features the letters ”Black Edition” emblazoned in stainless steel on the door entry. The lid of the glove compartment also bears this badge to proclaim the cars limited special edition status.

The car is also offered with a Sound Package Plus, with the infotainment systems of the car being controlled by the Porsche Communication System. This includes a navigation module as well as universal audio interface. The car is also enabled with mobile phone integration. In short, this special Cayman S Black Edition features Porsche’s design, infotainment and comfort packages while also offering a reduced price in the bargain. Featuring country-specific equipment, the special Cayman S Black Edition will cost around €67,807 in Germany which includes VAT.

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