Ssangyong unveils new look of Rexton at Busan Motor Show 2012

Recently, Busan Motor Show took place and there were a lot of new cars that were showcased. Out of all these, Ssangyong which happens to be owned by Mahindra and is a South Korean enterprise showcased the latest tuned-up and improvised version of Rexton W SUV. The previous version of the car was taken well by those who drove it. This time Ssangyong promises a better improvised model for all those who have been following the progress of the company lately. The new version of Rexton has much more present-day looks than the antecedent model.

The latest inclusion in terms of the ergonomics of the car is that the new Rexton will be having a powerful engine running on diesel. Thus, the torque will relatively be less than the previous model and as a result the car will be much easier to handle. There are a lot of new features that one can expect to come across in the car. Upgrades have been done to almost every field of the car starting from the exteriors of the cars to its interiors as well as the ergonomics. Now Ssangyong Rexton W SUV will be having more power under its hood and thus will give a better pick-up than the previous one. While the car was on its manufacturing phase, Ssangyong engineers figured that they had to change the way the components of the car functions and as a result, they made the changes thus to better the driveability of the car.

Ssangyong Rexton
Coming to the engine of the car, Ssangyong Rexton W SUV will be powered by an Active Turbo e-XDi200 Diesel engine with a four-cylinder inline motor displacement layout of 1998cc. The peak power that the SUV is capable of churning out is 154 bhpand the peak torque is 190 Nm which is less in comparison to that of other cars of its league. But short torque is something that Ssangyong engineers pre-requisitely had on their minds as it would ensure a better handling of the car which is something that the engineers had kept as a top priority. Ssangyong feels that this low-end torque deliverance of the car will turn out to be the selling factor of the car as more car enthusiasts would love to have a car that is easy to handle.The engines installed inside the car have a provision of being upgrade to Euro VI customs.

There is apparently another version of the car which is much more powerful than the one that was unveiled at the Busan Motor Show 2012. This version of Rexton W SUV uses a twin turbocharger that churns out a maximum power of 225 bhp and adding to that, a peak torque of 500 Nm. Ssangyong has hinted that this powerful engine will probably be used by the company in another upcoming luxury saloon sedan that they will be launching soon. Thus, the new Ssangyong Rexton W SUV promises to be much more than its predecessor.

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