Subaru BRZ ts teased on the internet

Subaru has recently released teaser images of its new BRZ sports car. The image showed a BRZ wearing an STi badge. Since its release, the people as well as the critics have gone crazy with their inputs and conclusions. It is true that people are eagerly waiting for a better performing BRZ and a STi badge on the new version might have given them a few moments of joy. But let’s be honest here. The images are not showing a full blooded STi BRZ. It is instead a tS version of BRZ that will soon be going on sale. tS means tuned by STi. So if you were expecting some better specs like a turbocharged engine and higher speed limits then you have been let down my friend.

The Toyota 86 is basically a series of GT sports coupe which has been developed jointly by the 2 Japanese automobile manufacturing firms, Subaru and Toyota. The term BRZ indicates that the car is having a B- boxer engine, R- rear wheel drive system and Z- Zenith (2+2 seating arrangement). This Toyota 86 is sold under 3 brand names. Toyota built Toyota 86 is sold in Japan, Australia and South Africa. The Toyota GT 86 is sold in Europe and as FT86 in Jamaica. Subaru built Subaru BRZ is sold in US and Canada. The Toyota 86 was first revealed as a concept car as FT-86 at the Tokyo Motor Show by Toyota in October 2007. Later on, after working with Subaru, a boxer engine based FT 86 was unveiled at the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show which was followed by a production model in 2011. The first car went on sale in March 2012.

Subaru BRZ ts teased on the internet

Although the car has quite a few awards to its name, the owners have continuously urged for a faster BRZ. The most prominent disappointing feature for some has been its 200 bhp boxer engine. Enthusiasts are expecting the car’s performance to be as as aggressive as its looks and styling. When the STi badge showed up in the teasers, it felt like a dream come true. STi badge is given to cars which have modified drivetrain and engine which makes the car a hardcore, power breathing machine. On the other hand a tS badge is used for light tuned variants of Subaru models. The parts are manufactured by STi but the changes are confined to the interior and exterior of the car. There is very little to no changes made to the engine and chassis.

Why do you think we are so sure that it is tS and not STi? Well it has something to do with the time of release of these teasers. The images were released in the night after the 86 Festival at Toyota Speedway had ended. At this festival, Subaru had unveiled its BRZ package or to be more precise, its tS BRZ. Thus we are sure, the teaser is showing a tS variant and not an STi variant of BRZ. We already told you the difference.

Subaru BRZ tS teased

This new BRZ tS will be offered with two options, the BRZ tS GT package and the BRZ tS (standard) package. If you wondering what is the difference here then do not over work yourself. If you expecting a power upgrade then there is no difference between the 2. No matter which package you opt for, the car will still have a 4 cylinder naturally aspirated boxer engine which has been coupled with Toyota’s D-4S injection system which makes use of both port and direct injection. The car will still offer an output of only 200 bhp at 7000 rpm and a maximum torque of 205 Nm at 6000 rpm. The BRZ tS GT package will give you in addition to this, a dry carbon Gt wing that is seen in Impreza RA STi. The car will also get multi spoke all alloy wheels, Recarno front seats, steering wheel button, shift knob, modified fog lamps, under spoiler in the front and side steps, a better driveshaft, Bilstein suspension and 6 pot Bembo brakes.

The standard tS does not see any dry carbon wing. It gets silver alloy wheels and lesser trim additions which includes Recarno seats. The car will continue to have a 6 speed manual as well as automatic transmission.

The company has announced that it will manufacture 500 units of BRZ tS with GT specifications reserved for 250 units. The company will start taking orders from 18th of this month for this car and the production will commence in October. The prices have been revealed and a BRZ tS with GT package in Manual will cost you a total of ¥4,090,000 which is USD $41,500 or AUD $46,600. The tS with slushbox tacking will cost another ¥100,000 which is USD $1000 or AUD $1150. These cars will not be launched internationally by the company.

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