Suzuki Swift EV Hybrid to Be Introduced At Tokyo Auto Show

Maruti Swift is the flagship model of MSI and its petrol and diesel trim levels combined together have garnered the growth beyond Maruti expectation. At present, in tandem with current demands for alternative powertrains, because of high fuel price and to comply with latest emission standards, nearly every automobile manufacturer is offering innovative concepts for customers. Suzuki Motors is said to launch three new concept cars at Tokyo Auto Show among, which Suzuki Swift EV Hybrid is one of the most anticipated concept vehicles. The all new Hybrid is designed and engineered with hybrid engine for running the battery along with a convenient switch to petrol engine, once the battery runs out of charge.

Suzuki Swift EV Hybrid to Be Introduced At Tokyo Auto Show

The Suzuki Swift EV Hybrid is capable of travelling up to 11.2 miles on single charge. Its hybrid engine comprises of electric and petrol version and both are in accordance with Chevrolet Volt. Specifications of Hybrid haven’t been revealed, but could be identical to that of Swift Plug-In Concept unveiled in the year 2009 in Tokyo. It was powered by an electric motor with petrol engine that harnessed 55kw of power. At the front, the all new Suzuki Swift EV Hybrid features futuristic tweaks such as LED lamps rear and front, redesigned cabin with two large digital screens and covered wheels and grille. The automobile manufacturing companies all over the world are striving to make newer concept cars to appeal to customers and also to serve the purpose of encouraging a greener and productive environment.

Suzuki Swift EV Hybrid Suzuki Swift EV Hybrid interior

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