Mercedes Cars in Indian market to turn Costlier by 1-3% from 14th Jan

Today, Mercedes-Benz India has made declaration about its proposals to augment rates for their vehicle range in the Indian market by around one to three per cent. As per report, the new rates will come into effect by January 14th, 2013.

Mr. Eberhard Kern, managing director & chief executive officer, Mercedes-Benz India stated that increasing inputs cost, instability of the Indian currency-euro, lofty rates of interest and other connected issues have put noteworthy strain on the company.

As a result, the company is pushed to share a portion of this burden with the clientele and the company will augment rates of its cars between 1 to 3% by January 14th, 2013.

Mercedes Cars in Indian market to turn Costlier by 1-3% from 14th Jan
“But, to back up the purchase verdicts of our sensitive clients, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services will be backing them with a range of finance alternatives,” Mr. Kern added.

The value of the B-Class vehicles will be augmented by 1 per cent, while the rates of C and Mercedes E-Class sedans will see a jump of around 1.5%. Moreover, the S-Class sedan will witness an increase of 3 per cent in its rates. The M-Class sport utility vehicle will turn costlier by 3 per cent and the CBU array of cars including the R-Class, CLS-Class, SLK-Class, and the SLS AMG will become dearer by around 1 per cent each. Yearly Sales

In the meantime, Mercedes-Benz India declared that its sales accomplishment for january to December last year, in terms of total sale facts in luxury vehicles in the domestic market (range of vehicle value upwards Rs.30 lakh). During Jan to Dec 2012, the company sold around 7,138 vehicle units as wholesale.

Kern stated, “Our sales recital has been in proportion to anticipations. We have managed to preserve our effectiveness and premium during the last year.”

Mercedes-Benz India has followed its aggressive network expansion strategy during the last year. With launching of 6 new touchpoints in Tier II & III cities, the company currently has attendance in 31 cities with 72 touchpoints and has the densest network among all luxury car makers in the Indian market.

First Mercedes Benz showroom opened in Lucknow

The German car maker, Mercedes Benz, is keen on getting some big chunk of the Indian market. The car maker is planning to open 5 new dealerships in the coming months.

Mercedes Benz inaugurated its first company showroom in Lucknow. With the new showroom in Lucknow, the luxury car maker has now registered its presence in Uttar Pradesh and in a total of 31 cities across the country. It is also planning on opening five new dealerships in the coming months.

Mr. Debashis Mitra, Director of Sales and Marketing, Mercedes Benz India said that the growth is now from the tear two cities. Smaller towns have seen larger rapid growth over the last decade and their consumption rate has been changing.

First Mercedes Benz showroom opened in Lucknow

He also added that the firm has seen huge aspirational demand for the luxury vehicles in the Lucknow region, when they were touring the region for their ‘Pure Fascination’ campaign back in 2010. He also stated that buying power for the luxury car was there in Lucknow.

He also said the firm has already derived substantial sales volume from Lucknow and the nearby cities. The company brought their dealership to Lucknow in order to strengthen their position and network in the region. The Lucknow dealership will help the firm to get back to customers near their homes. He also confirmed that the firm is trying to establish state of art service centers at Kanpur, Varanasi, Mirzapur, Gorakhpur, Agra etc.