Ford EcoSport Sub 4-meter model will be launched either towards the end of 2012 or in early 2013

The requirement for a compact car, which is powerful and economic at the same time, is on the rise for the rough and unkempt Indian roads. Moreover, it should also be so fuel efficient and maneuverable that it can beat the rising price of fuel as well as the heavy chaos of disorganized Indian traffic. It seems that the A++ rating for all these areas will soon be bagged by the Ford EcoSport. This car has a good ground clearance higher than usual to allow it to traverse distances without the depressions and elevations of the roads touch its base plates or chamber on the bottom of the vehicle. This car was spotted in Chennai recently where it was doing test runs on the circuit. The car comes with urbanized crude features and looks that are surely going to attract the youth of the nation. With a small spoor and a tall contour this vehicle is a head turner for sure.

The soaring fenders with a dominant characteristic in its lines show off the masculine feel of this compact SUV. This also is the only version of an international product of Ford. That means the car which is running on the roads of Mumbai or Manhattan, or any other city for that matter will be an exact same model with no modifications done on its exterior, interior or engine, whatsoever.

The chrome grille is of premium class, which makes them look very different and impressive with a pair of genuine headlights. However the production version of this car doesn’t have the LED technology in its headlights but nonetheless, the pair is elegantly sleek. The fog lamps are of equally good quality as the headlamps set in the trapezoidal form. This sporty looking car has a polish of luxury on its bumpers where the lower part and the outer bezel have chrome finish to add that tinge which is rare to find in the SUV’s exteriors. The side profile of this new car is very sleek; this makes the fact very true that the platform of EcoSport is based on the hatchback of Ford Fiesta. The paint-job is protected by a cladding of plastic which is an additional job of paint-work.

Ford EcoSport
The outside rear view mirrors have inbuilt flashers which works brilliantly on turns. The rear end of this car has its spare tire mounted on the tail gate which makes it look very aggressive from behind. The car will also look like a hatchback which has been lifted if the tire is taken off the tailgate. As mentioned before, with the sleek taillights complementing the headlights on the front the bumpers on the rear gets plastic accents of black and silver. Because of the less glass area of the C-pillars, the rear windshield very much look like it’s a huge wrap around of a glass sheet. The tail lamps are integrated with the spoiler which is almost fixed with the roof. With an overall length of 4.17 meters it does enjoy the sub 4-meter benefits if the superfluous assembly dimensions are disparaged. Further, on a width of 1.75 meter and height of 1.65 meter, this care has a wheelbase of 2.49 meter in length. The 17- inch wheels have a figuration of 205/55 tires.This car will be available in 1.5-liter diesel engine and 1.0-liter EcoBoost petrol based engine. Its production version has been successfully tested for almost every safety features, and hence it is generously equipped with ESP, ABS and seven airbags.

The first line of its model will be launched in Brazil, then South America and then finally to India by the end of 2012 or at the beginning of 2013. This is to know that the automobile market of South America is going to see the all-wheel drive variant of this car but it is not yet clear if the Indian automobile market would see the same. The price would be a little more than the Renault Duster SUV but the official announcement is suppose to happen before the car comes to the nearby dealers. This SUV will definitely give a good competition to the other players in the Indian automobile market.

Ford ready to invest Rs.750 crore for EcoSport in India

The unveiling of the EcoSport by Ford Motors at the 2012 Delhi Auto Expo is being viewed by many auto experts as a major trump card played by the company. By registering its presence in the segment of compact SUVs with its EcoSport, Ford India is putting high stakes on making this car succeed. The auto giant has now made plans of investing a huge amount to the tune of Rs.750 crore for production of this car in order to be adequately prepared for its launch. Ford is going to produce this compact SUV at its manufacturing unit in Chennai in order to be able to capably meet the significant demand that compact SUVs are presently having in the Indian auto market.

Ford ready to invest Rs. 750 crore for EcoSport in IndiaThe Ford EcoSport compact SUV is going to get its power from an EcoBoost 1.0L engine along with a diesel engine of 1.5L. Ford feels that the EcoSport has been provided with the necessary weapons that are going to ensure its success in the auto market of India. Though the car maker from America has got a major market share in global markets, it has yet to establish itself in the Indian auto market so that it can displace the already established car makers including Maruti Suzuki India, Tata Motors, Hyundai Motors as well as Mahindra & Mahindra. All the above named players are gaining significant momentum in the Indian auto market and are growing at a very rapid pace. Hence, it is not going to serve the purpose of Ford India if it restricts itself to coming out with some clever ideas in order to topple these established car makers in the Indian market. This is because the competition does not seem to be in the mood to surrender their market advantage.

Most of these established car makers are also revealing their own trump cards and have been able to deliver significantly at the forum of the 2012 Delhi Auto Expo. Maruti Suzuki India has already showcased its new concept compact SUV, the XA Alpha. The pride that Tata Motors associates with its Tata Safari Storme has been clearly visible at the Auto Expo. This car is expected to be priced similarly to the Ford EcoSport. The not so distant future could witness Hyundai coming out with its very own compact SUV also. Mahindra has already achieved such levels in this segment that it is considered to be much ahead of all its competitors. The Korean subsidiary of Mahindra, SsangYong Motors, has already delivered two latest compact SUVs at the 2012 Delhi Auto Expo, the Korando and the Rexton. Renault is also expected to record its presence in the near future with its Duster. Though the Indian auto market has been slow in the recent times, Ford India was able to achieve an amazing level of growth in 2011 by registering a sale of 96,000 units, which has been able to break all previous records of the company. It has also been able to extend its dealership range within India and currently boasts of around 220 outlets within the country for sales and service. Hence, it is being felt that the Ford EcoSport is going to have the capability of taking Ford India to the very levels that the company aspires to be in India.

Ford ready to invest Rs 750 crore for EcoSport in India

Ford EcoSport SUV launch expected to be announced on 4th January 2012

The global car manufacturer, Ford has been putting in concerted efforts to make an impact in the segment of compact SUVs. Just before the commencement of the Delhi Auto Expo (precisely on January 4th), the company is expected to make an announcement globally. The market is abuzz that the Auto giant from America is going to reveal its EcoSport SUV. Some certain facts have come out in the open about this latest SUV from Ford. The Ford EcoSport will be the first car, among all that Ford has lined up for India, to sport its latest EcoBoost engine for the petrol variant. Also, this is going to be the most compact SUV that Ford has designed till date. The Ford EcoSport is going to be built on the Ford Fiesta platform. On the basis of the same, it may be assumed that this compact SUV is going to be powered by the 1.5L 90Bhp diesel engine that has been quite successfully used in other vehicles of the manufacturer.

Ford EcoSport SUV launch expected to be announced on 4th January 2012As has been mentioned earlier, the petrol variant of the EcoSport is being fitted with a 1.0L or a 1.2L latest EcoBoost engine. This will help the SUV generate extraordinary figures in terms of power as well as torque. Though there has been no announcement on pricing of this vehicle, it is being assumed that Ford India could place it in the Rs.7 lakh to Rs. 9 lakh range, which would be above the pricing of the present Ford Fiesta and below its automatic variant, expected in the near future. Since it is sharing the common platform of the Ford Fiesta and also because it has been given a length below four meters, it is expected that this latest compact SUV is going to have stringent interior spacing. However, it is still going to be provided with adequate space to comfortably carry 5 elder passengers. The present market condition is favorable for the launch of the Ford EcoSport as this segment does not have any significant rivals thereby giving it ample time to establish itself.

Ford EcoSport SUV launch expected to be announced on 4th January 2012

The rivals that are expected to compete with the Ford EcoSport in the segment of compact SUVs include the Renault Duster and a similar variant from Nissan. Both these vehicles are not expected to be launched before the end of next year. The compact SUV segment in the Indian auto market is expected to start with the launch of the Ford EcoSport in 2012. However, within the year itself, this segment is going to witness strong competition with lots of new brands entering the market. This also includes the latest concept SUV from Maruti India, the largest car maker in the country. Maruti is going to showcase its compact SUV at the Delhi Auto Expo 2012 and will have a proper launch by the end of the year.

Ford EcoSport SUV launch expected to be announced on 4th January 2012People are now eagerly waiting to see how Ford goes about launching its EcoSport in India. It could so happen that the manufacturer makes a preliminary announcement about this vehicle on the 4th of January, understands the response of the consumers towards the same and finally goes for launching the vehicle at the Auto Expo 2012. These speculations are going to continue till the actual launch takes place.

Ford’s surprise element for the Auto Expo 2012; The Ecosport

Ford, the American car-manufacturing giant, may have suffered a setback when their ALL-NEW FIESTA failed to take off as strongly as they might have forecasted; however the conglomerate has still got a few trump cards with them, one such being the yet to be unraveled EcoSport. Internally named B515, the EcoSport will be unwrapped in the Auto Expo 2012, followed by its launch in Brazil in early 2012.

The present EcoSport has found huge popularity in Brazil, and with India offering very similar market dynamics, Ford hopes that it will recreate the success in this country as well.

The Ford EcoSport has been built on Ford’s award-winning global compact car platform (B2E) and developed in association with Mazda, whose core competence of weight saving and torsional rigidity have been put to use. Ford wishes to capitalize on this hugely successful platform and hence use the same to develop a wide range of body styles. Apart from the saloon, a hatchback version of the Fiesta for Indian markets, the EcoSport as well as a mini-MPV to be called the B-MAX, are expected soon.

Ford Ecosport in India

Internally, though the EcoSport shares a lot with the Fiesta saloon, but the exteriors are so different that it would be hard to find out any similarities between the two models. Though the EcoSport, as per illustrations, could pass off as a soft-roader, the fact is that it is a sub-four-meter car with hatchback dimensions, with a tail-gate mounted spare wheel that stick out past the four-meter mark. Ford has taken full advantage of the regulation, which states that small-cars do not count the spare tyre within the length of the car.

The Ford EcoSport is an SUV to the core with its upright stance, generous ground clearance and a high bonnet, but at the same time, it comes with a fresh, bold design and is well proportionate too. An attractive inverse ‘V’ in the nose and a tipped forward stance gives it the look of someone, who is always ready for action. The view from the back is striking as well, with pillar less windscreen and sharply cut tail lights. The wheels would be as large as 16 to 17 inches for EcoSport in India.

The Fiesta DNA incorporated inside will ensure that the EcoSport would ride and handle unlike an SUV, at the same time, the high ground clearance, would make it ideal for Indian roads. It would not be much roomier than the Fiesta as passengers are made to sit at a greater height of the floor.

The Ford EcoSport would use the new 90bhp, 1.5 litre DV5 diesel, at the same time power would be slightly increased to make this slightly heavier vehicle perform better. The power hike would not be significant as the IB5 gearbox, carried over from the Fiesta, is not rated to handle much torque, and this could be a limiting factor. Also, it will be a front wheel drive car with no 4 x 4 option.

Ford Ecosport in India

A petrol version of the vehicle is not foreseen as a 1.2 litre petrol motor, as per regulations, would be underpowered and a 1500 to 1600 cc engine, would incur higher excise duty, consequently higher costs and lesser efficiency.

The EcoSport has the right combinations to make it a winner: charm of an SUV, practicality using Diesel, unique styling and a price tag in the range of Rs 7-9 lakh. At such a pricing, it will serve as a genuine alternative to midsize cars or even a hatchback.

The EcoSport would also have the first-mover advantage as its features place it in a completely virgin market, so Ford might have a winner in their hands, and this could be the car to watch out for in the year 2012.