Skoda Octavia Laurin & Klement Launched In UK: Priced From £26,570

Introduced at 2014 Geneva Auto Show in March, the Laurin & Klement brings Skoda’s most sophisticated levels of technology and comfort to the Octavia range for the first time.

It is available in either estate or hatchback body styles, with a choice of two powertrains. They are the new 1.8 liter TSI 180PS petrol and the popular 2.0 liter TDI 150PS diesel. Either can be specified with a slick-shifting 6-speed manual transmission or DSG automatic. A 4×4 diesel manual option is also offered on the estate.

The Octavia Laurin & Klement builds on the already generous equipment offered on Elegance variant. It includes striking exterior features such as bi-xenon headlamps, technology such as adaptive cruise control and park assist and a luxurious and exclusive brown L&K interior.

Skoda Octavia Laurin  Klement

Standard features on the Elegance include Bi-xenon headlights with Adaptive Front Lights System, 18 inch Turbine alloy wheels, Chrome window surround, LED rear lights, Brown Alcantara and leather upholstery, Sunset glass (Estate only), Electrically adjustable driver’s seat with lumbar support, heating and memory function, L&K cabin logos, door sill trims and stitching, Illuminated front and rear footwells, Rear backrest release from boot, Canton audio system, Adaptive cruise control with Front Assistant, Park assist, Lane assist and Cornering front foglamps.

All standard features on the Skoda Octavia Laurin & Klement are available for £4,100 more than the equivalent Elegance trim.

Prices start at £26,570 for 1.8 liter TSI 180PS hatchback, whereas the equivalent Estate is £27,375. The entry level diesel, the 2.0 liter TDI CR 150PS DPF hatchback with CO2 emissions of just 106g/km, is £26,410. This is the most appealing option for corporate customers because the BIK rate for 2014/15 is just 17%.

The most expensive car in the range is the 2.0 liter TDI CR 150PS 4×4 DPF, which costs £28,665. ??

Skoda Octavia Coupe Confirmed

Skoda is quite delighted with the new product launches over various markets and, some aggressive sales plans for the near future. To beef up its lineup further, the Czech based carmaker is now confirmed of going the coupe way with the new Octavia (in conceptual form) by next Geneva Auto Show.

There is ample of time for the carmaker to work on, while only a thin layer of information is been landed on the reporting-dial. It is reported to be based on four-door coupe version, and the Volkswagen’s modular MQB platform to be riding underneath it. Octavia’s bold triangular LED headlamps and similarly-shaped tail lamps, alongside its sophisticated creases across the body with the low roofline, which earlier too resembled like a coupe, is expectedly asked do the job for new Octavia to go seamless into a coupe variant. Large wheels to just finish off the tint of regarded look, left by the other tweaks.

Skoda Octavia

Engine specification to be varied in between 1.4L TSI and 2.0L turbodiesel worth of 140hp and 150hp respectively. The option of manual and an automatic gearbox will also be there to choose from.

While a range-topping vRS-variant said to arrive later on the paddock at a further part of the plan, along with a GTI-borrowed 2.0L four-cylinder of 220hp. A diesel engine of 2.0L (TDI) with 184hp engine will beef up the lineup with leaving no gap empty for competitors to barge upon.

Skoda Octavia Scout to Launch in 2014

Skoda traveled the paths of sophistication with a number of badges in sedan repertoire, but the off-road is been remained an exception for the Caezh based carmaker always. However, only handfuls are there to name for the Skoda off-roader in global markets at present, Yeti and Fabia Scout are the most popular ones from stable of Volkswagen owned automaker.

Appropriate to the expectations, a report on internet revealed that Skoda is planning an Octavia Scout for launching it in Europe by August 2014. It will be dwelled with some off-road looks, by means of new front and rear bumpers, unpainted wheel arch, 20mm raised height, and more off-road aesthetical jargons. By the time we assume that engine specifications would remain the same as of it is present there in sedan version, which the report claimed that all-wheel drive and front-wheel drive, both the options will be made available in the market when it will be rolled out.

To an addition, Skoda has is reported to be rolling out an luxury version of Octavia dubbed as ‘Laurin & Klement edition’ soon. It is said to be having the xenon headlights, LED tail lamps, 18-inch alloys to mark the exclusive notes on exteriors. On interiors, the leather seats with wood accent and chrome trim running across the cabin will delish the whole package. New dashboard and revamped speed dials is said to be just added as the icing on assorted German cake.

Skoda Octavia Scout

Skoda Octavia Scout Back View

Courtesy: Autocar

Skoda Explains Crew Protect System Featured in the New Octavia: Watch Video

Launch of new Octavia is just around the corner, and Skoda seems to be on the promotional spree for same, where now the Czech originated carmaker had explained a new feature in its most annoyed car.

World is having a lot of expectations from the new Octavia and we Indians too are aspiring for it because makers had promised that they will launch every product in every market of the world, we are not an exception as the brand had experienced good amount of sales on our shores. Lest, the new feature that this VW owned carmaker is explaining on YouTube is Crew protect System, via which one can cut down the amount of damages caused during accident.

Many of us maybe thinking why the Skoda is waiting till the accident occurs, can’t it make something better that accident can be avoided completely. To answer your doubts, the carmaker believes, collisions happens even if the bug is loaded with number of advanced fitments, so to bleep down the damages, new Octavia will help tremendously.

Skoda Explains Crew Protect System Featured in the New Octavia

The Crew Protect System constantly monitors the speed, braking system, angle of the car and the direction of nose too; hence kicks in the secured punch whenever it feels doubt on any of the arrays. The action concludes in form of window and sunroof closure (leaving a gap of 55mm), and the tightening of seatbelt on driver and front passenger seat, to ensure everything is safe and secured in place. It also boards options of changing the seatbelt settings on the stiffness posture to suit “Sporty” skills of driving.

It looks Germans eyeing the position of Swedes i.e. Volvo, for being the safest automaker in world.

Spectrum of Cars from Skoda India

The luxury car market in India is thriving and Skoda seems to be enjoying a huge piece of the pie with their Skoda wagon and Skoda sedan cars. Skoda is a European brand and is a part of the international group, Volkswagen. They started their journey in India in 2001 and the plant was launched in Aurangabad. Currently, 12 luxury models are launched by Skoda Auto India including Skoda Laura, Skoda Octavia, Skoda superb etc. Some popular ones are given below:

Skoda Fabia

The Skoda Fabia is a luxurious hatchback from the world class collection of Skoda.  Now, easy availability is seen in India.  Skoda India states this world class car to be a Stamp of Elegance. The sleek hatchback with a symphony of beauty, refinement, power and efficiency defines the personification of the Skoda. All these features coupled with luxurious comfort and seamless power delivery makes this an excellent car on Indian roads.  It proves to be a great competitor because of its reliability, substance and style. The on-road price range of Skoda Fabia ranges from rupees 7 to 8 lakhs. The availability of Skoda Fabia is seen in different engine specifications such as petrol and diesel. The variants of Skoda Fabia include Fabia Classic, Fabia Ambiente and Fabia Elegance.

Skoda Fabia

Skoda Octavia

Skoda Octavia is famous for its cost effective features as well as classy looks. Unbeatable performance and style is the specialty of this master piece. It comes in the diesel and petrol variants and the target audience is the upper middle class. The prices of these Skoda Octavia range from 12 lakhs to 15 lakhs. The variants of Skoda Octavia include Octavia Rider 1.8 turbo, Octavia Rider 1.9, Octavia Elegance and Octavia L&K.

Skoda Octavia

Skoda Laura

Skoda Laura is a beautifully crafted sedan from the bandwagon of Skoda India. The car speaks aesthetics, power and efficiency that drive all hearts and minds. The first glance is awe-inspiring with its contemporary and dynamic appeal accented with bold curves.   Skoda Laura has gained a lot of popularity due to its dynamic designer and contemporary looks. The interior is even more inspiring with its lavish comfort complementing the high quality materials and accessories. The model is specially customized and has stood all tests of times. The diesel variant of Skoda Laura mainly targets the middle class consumers. The prices of these cars range between sixteen to nineteen lakhs. The variants of Skoda Laura include Laura Elegance, Laura L and K and Laura L and K AT.

Skoda Laura

Skoda Superb

Skoda Superb also beholds the elegant characteristics of Skoda cars. The unique and captivating design with the centrally positioned Skoda badge creates a strong impression on road. The interior of the car is beautifully crafted with fine quality materials and user-friendly accessories. This is an automobile wonder and is a flagship model of Skoda. Owing to the looks, one definitely wishes to own it. It has diesel and petrol variants and the main target audience is the upper middle class consumers. The price of the car ranges from 22 to 25 lakhs. The variants of Skoda Superb include Superb 2.8 V6 and Superb 2.5 V6 Tdi.

Skoda Superb

Skoda Rapid

Skoda Rapid is artistically crafted by a beautiful blend of science and technology. The personification of the car is well defined by its magnificent appeal accented by attractive exterior features. The interior is a complete balance of space, comfort and excellent drive performance. The powerful driving experience comes with its petrol and diesel variants powered by 1.6 MPI and 1.6 TDI CR respectively. Both the petrol and diesel variants are available in all models including the Active, Ambition and Elegance. Ambition and Elegance are also available with automatic transmission to add more spice to the extra-ordinary Skoda car.

Skoda Rapid

Skoda Yeti

Skoda Yeti is a powerful off-road specialist with a blend of robust design, unmatched safety and excellent power. When it comes to Indian off-roads and bumps, then the SUV is a marvel on the road. The unique design and excellent features in the interior makes it an even more comfortable and demanded car in its segment. The silver roof rails, silver brush guards and squared-off wheels compliment the rugged appearance of the car. Further to that, the dual-tone interiors and the well-designed dashboard deliver a lavish experience. The commendable SUV is powered by the 2.0 TDI CR turbocharged diesel engine synchronized with an option of manual 5-speed and manual 6-speed transmission. Certainly, it proves to be the most demanding luxury SUV on Indian roads.

Skoda Yeti

10 Cars that rewrote India’s automobile history

Now, we all know that there are some cars which hold a place of pride in our lives some time or the other. This same thing happens when we go out to buy a car and come out in the end clutching the prized possession that we admired for so long. Sometimes, the car we admired is no longer in production and hence we have to settle for some duplicate or new version of it. Sometimes, people even settle for used cars exactly because they still want the car of their dreams or rather dreamt of when they were 15 or 16. There were some cars which caught on the fancy and actually changed the entire landscape of the Indian car industry. Here is a list of the 10 cars that actually rewrote the Indian car history for good.

Maruti 800 :

The 800 actually mobilized the Indian public and this inspite of having some of the Premier Padmini cars around. The 800 went through its fair share of changes and moves when it shifted from carburetor to fuel injection and some minor body panel changes. Finally in 2010, it was laid to rest, albeit temporarily and from what we have heard so far, MSIL are planning up a M800 on the lines of the Alto minus the K series engine. Seeing an 800 filled with about 7-8 people was quite common and infact is even common now.

Fiat Palio :

The 800 may have never looked alluring enough but then the Fiat Palio was. There was always an aura about it and despite the fact that Fiat weren’t putting their best feet forward, this car was on the top of the priority list of many buyers. This car had a tank like build quality and coupled with the 1.6 liter engine went like stink around corners. Moreover, it was highly practical as well. Only the Fiat authorized service center part is what spoilt this car’s future. Has anyone heard of the term hot hatch? Well, it was coined after this car came to the market.

Tata Indica :

After the 800, this was the true People’s Car. Tata without much collaboration from foreign companies managed to make their first foray into the passenger small car segment with this car and it stays true to the Indica. The car buying public got what they wanted and that was fuel efficiency, a cheaper to run diesel engine and also space. Not to mention the ease of spares with a Tata product. All this coming in an attractive package as well. The Indica went onto become the Indica Vista and stuff.

Honda City :

The City was the alternative to the Maruti Esteem at that time. Buyers were delighted to have the Honda badge on what was a relatively inexpensive car. Moreover, unlike the Esteem and Cielo, this one had a very good performance even towards the fag end of its rpm. Something like a turbocharger in those days when even turbochargers on diesel cars was a luxury. It was also fuel efficient to a certain extent as also dead cheap to maintain. The reliability aspect was even better than that of the Esteem. It changed the Indian mindset towards Honda as a brand.

Toyota Qualis :

Comfortable drives were never a part of the people mover group thanks vastly to the cramped up Tata Sumo as also Mahindra Armadas. However, when Toyota unleashed the Qualis, it was regarded as a safe, comfortable and also reliable option. Plus factor in the fuel efficiency and the low maintenance costs and this MUV was always in the “waiting”. Inspite of knowing that it was going to be discontinued, there were bulk orders for the same and even now, resale values are an all time high for this MUV even with multiple owners being there on its RC book.

Maruti Swift :

A company which was trying to project a youthful image to its customers found the Swift in their backyard and that’s where the entire thing changed. The Swift was first viewed with an apprehension by the car buying public but then this skepticism was met with long waiting periods and this saga continued right till the 6 years old model was discontinued. Fun to drive – tick, fuel efficient –tick, reliable –tick. What more could a buyer ask for. Plus the drop dead gorgeous looks is something which cannot be discounted for. The Swift continues its best seller tag even to this day and the new one has started following on the old one’s footsteps.

Mahindra Reva :

Well, when it was launched, it had a different name tag to it. However, this was India’s answer to the world regarding the use of electric technology for cars. It was not only compact but also a cheap thing to run about. The asking price is a bit too high however that easily gets negated counting the running costs. The icing on the cake is when next year there would be a 4 seater electric variant coming up and which should carry 4 people around in reasonable comfort without occupying much of real estate.

Skoda Octavia :

Before the Octavia was launched, the Indian public never really knew that there existed a car which had a tank like build, had a big boot, lots of space and also a diesel engine. All this in just under Rs 10 lakhs. Plus the status quo which rivals that of Mercedes cars. This is the Skoda Octavia. Yeah, the rear space was bit on the lower side as was the leg room. The fuel economy that this one accorded was near about 18 kmpl and the diesel running costs further made it all the more value for money. Then there was the RS variant which was aimed at satisfying the enthusiasts and made all the automobile journos look upto Skoda for a test vehicle. Truly a icon, sad that it didn’t sell too well (RS).

Tata Nano :

The car that the world looked upto and only a certain Indian was able to fulfill with, the Tata Nano seemed like a very fresh thing out of the oven. Yes, it has had its fair share of troubles even before production began and also a lofty target to meet as far as the price was concerned. It had the footprint of a sportsbike and offered to carry around 4 passengers in relative comfort. Also, it has got a very frugal engine with decent pep to it. Also, it can be called as a proper 4 wheeler. The Nano set the right expectations from its buyers and delivered more, a typical Tata trait and eventually an Indian at that.

Hyundai Santro :

This tall boy Korean marked the entry of Korean car maker Hyundai into India. It was greeted with a flourish, especially so since Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan was endorsing it. The Santro proved as a means of affordable motoring for the Indians and also mixed it with a good seating capacity and reliability. 12 years after it was launched, the Santro still manages to sell in decent numbers given the competition that it has raked up in all these years. This tall boy helped Hyundai in setting a strong firmhold in the Indian car market. Many revamps over the years didn’t see much change in the looks, but yes the engine and fuel efficiency always seemed to be ready to take on the competition head on.

Skoda Octavia vRS touches the 200 mph mark

The latest member to join the legendary 200 mph Bonneville club is Skoda Octavia vRS. Skoda Octavia vRS was built to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the performance of the vRS flagship badge, and the 500 bhp challenger smoked past the 200 miles per hour barrier with still four days left. By beating the 200 mph mark, it is now the fastest Skoda.

The first run of the day saw the Octavia vRS achieving 195.69 mph. The Octavia vRS blazed past an amazing 202.15 mph on the sixth outing at BSW (Bonneville Speed Week).

Journalist, Richard Meaden, drove the Skoda Octavia which did demonstrate its potential on August 15 (Sunday) where it achieved 191 mph and secured all the four speed marks that were required and headed to the all time 200 mph mark. There are still four days remaining, and the team looks focussed on their efforts in closing the production car record in the 2.0-litre category, which is 216 mph.

Skoda Octavia vRS

The production of the Octavia vRS is factory fresh and slight changes were incorporated to improve the car aerodynamically and performance wise too. This would include lowering of 80 mm of drive height close to ground and new sub-frame that houses an intercooler (race prepared).

The production standard four cylinder 2.0-litre TSI petrol engine is retained with a larger unit replacement to the standard turbo with components supplied by Garrett. The Skoda Octavia vRS generates over 500 bhp and produces a boost pressure of 30 plus PSI.